Saturday, November 12, 2011

The weight debate

I feel like what I am about to write about is a huge part of my life if I like it or not. I remember the weight at almost every year of my life.
  • 1999 - 8th grade in my size 2 pants (105)
  • May 2003 - High School Graduation (118)*** but that is after I loss 18 pounds weeks earlier doing my guy friends body building diet - P.S. I had veins sticking out in my legs at that weight. This is also my lowest adult weight ever. I was extremely lean for my body. Almost no boobs, defined abs, but I still had a ghetto bootie.
  • August Starting College (125) - I gained back the weight I should have, looked healthy felt confident in a bikini
  • May 2004 - Finishing Freshmen year (130)
  • August 2004 - Starting sophomore year (137) after I came back from Europe where I did not eat meat that summer because of the mad cow scare.
  • May 2005 - End of Sophomore year (142)
  • May 2007 - End of undergrad (147)
  • Starting Grad School (135) I went on Jenny Craig that summer and lost the weight I had gained through college - I refer to this as my "Happy Weight" because I had a hell of a good time putting it on. Beer, sorority house food, happy hours, etc - there was a lot of calorie intake.
  • August 2008 - Finishing Grad school (152) - What happened??? My boss had her baby in September came back in December and left for another job quickly after. They did not replace her. I got paid for my 20 hour grad assistantship but did mine and her job plus went to school (about 60 hours of work plus school - lots of sitting and lots of fast food)
  • August 2009 - Wedding Day (142) And I wanted to be much much smaller. My body was done with the ups and downs at this point. I was working too much. Wes wasn't living here at the time because he could not find a job and I worked out about twice a day on most weekdays. I did spinning in the morning and somedays at night (5am and 5pm on Tuesday/Thursdays was the same instructor) then Monday/Wednesday/Friday nights I would do Pilates and yoga for 2 hours. I was getting in really good shape and I had my wedding date to motivate any laziness.
  • December of 2009 - I was exhausted, I would come home from work almost everyday with a migrane (induced from the STRESS of working with my mother - which I will talk about another day) and go to sleep. This exhaustion lasted a year and half. I went to 3 doctors who gave the a clean bill of health. No thyroid, no vitamin deficiency, nothing. One healthy 26 year old. I should have been happy but the weight came on so quickly and while I was working out still. That stopped soon after, it seems like I was already tired but I was gaining weight while working out - why should I even exert the energy.
  • June 2011 - To be more honest than I want to be I gained 40 pounds, and honestly I wish I could say I ate a ton of great food but I didn't track what I ate - no change. A friend of mine told me about the website and an app called MyPlate. So easy to use and the phone and computer sync. You literally put in Honey Nut Cherrios - click how much you at and you are done! EASY!
  • June 2011 - the third doctor told me it was exhaustion. Literally physically I had tired my body from years of a crazy schedule and the chemicals in my body cannot keep up and have never been replenished. Since then I have taken (on most days) my "magic"pill. I do not feel any different really but I do notice slowly I felt like me again. Normal amount of energy.
  • November 2011 - I lost 15 pounds (eatting the same as before) . I am still 25 away from being back to normal but I finally feel like I can do it. Magic pill or not, my body is resting and rewarding me for it.

The other night my girlfriends were talking about their husbands letting themselves go and gaining weight. I thought - not me - I am the guilty party there. Wes has never looked better. He works out Monday thru Friday religiously after work. He eats right during the week {from 7 am to 4 pm every weekday he eats the same thing - our fridge is very simple and bare because of it}
7am - 3 eggs + 1 piece of dry toast with milk
10:30 am - Snackwell cereal bar and almonds
1 pm - half of a turkey sandwich (we look for the lunch meat with the lowest sodium), and cottage cheese
3:45 pm - Other half of turkey sandwich with Greek Yogurt (had to be Stonyfield Oikos Vanilla he has tried them all and this one has the best taste and lowest sugars) that he puts 3-4 spoonfuls of oats in
7pm - whatever we make or have leftovers - never ever fastfood unless it is subway.

Then there is me -
Breakfast - either cereal or a Chocolate 100 calorie vitamuffin (they are amazing if you have not had them I highly recommend them! They have 100 calories, taste like desert, 9 grams of fiber, some protein, and vitamins and mineral - need I say more!

Snacks - sometimes if I remember to eat, but I always have the 100 calorie fudge pretzels, some granola bars, skinny cow snacks, another vitamuffin, fiberone muffin, etc in my desk drawer in case.

Lunch - lean cuisine or left overs. I have finally learned to say No thank you to all the office eating out (probably helped me lose the 15 pounds!)

Snacks - Sometimes same list as above.

Dinner - same as Wes.

There is no wonder why my husband is looking so good these days, simply put he works at it.

After all of this talk - Thurday night I ran for the first time in a while. I ran ran/walked 2.5 miles while watching my DVR'ed Parenthood. 40 minutes later my body felt amazing! And it was the first step in another long journey. My goal is to be 135 in May 2012. We have a family vacation in Mexico, then Karli's wedding, then Summer, then Jen's wedding. I want to enjoy these moments and not be another weight memory for me.

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