Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Where I am today

Since I left college I have felt like I am fairly lost. Background...I accomplished a lot during college, was acknowledged for my hard work, and then thrown out into the "real" world to only find it not nearly as exciting or rewarding as my collegiate career was. I graduated with my Master in Business Administration, bought a house, started working for my family business and got engaged in a month. {I was 23 years old} Trying to grow up a little fast....

Anyway, I moved home because I wanted to work for my family business (Twin City Honda Suzuki) and be near my father whom was terminally ill. Great decision because I was the person there with him as his left this world and from what he knew I was the future of the company he began. I knew that day would change me in more way then one. The biggest is that as I buried my father, I also said goodbye to my family. I am not close with my mother or sister and am too busy to see my precious grandmothers very often. Dad died January 13 of this year and I never when back to work, because I knew I could not work with my mother without him around for backup and sanity.

A year before he died I started a second job {December 2009). I work for a marketing company that made my wedding invites and does the marketing and promotional products for the shop. I was a a manager at the shop and during this economy I could not image laying off an employee that made us money. So I laid my self off. Three hours later I had a job, by accident and went to work the next day. I have been there 2 years December 1. I never really thought it would last more than 6 months. This has been a good a bad thing for me.

  • I have learned how to manage clients and be a true sales person
  • I have got to watch how another small business does things - both good and bad
  • I have met fabulous people
  • I get to be creative
  • A huge part of me feels like it was a step back, I try to tell myself everyday that is happened for a reason and that I have learned so much.
  • I don't make any money and work really hard - This has always been my biggest downfall because I love to work and I am not always concerned about my paycheck - this will come in handy when I own my own company
  • I am so busy that I do not find time to plan my next career and my future plans :(
So what next....
  • Do I find a new job? Will I love that job or will something be missing as well? Do I start applying for jobs on my own? Do I find a headhunter or recruiter? What will I be good at?
  • Do I start my own company? Am I old enough? Wise enough? Do I have enough liquid cash? What do I want to do? What do I love?
  • I have always wanted a car dealership. As long as I can remember. Problem being it take o a measly 5 million to get one started and I want it to be Honda because I believe in the company and have grown up with it. Without my dad this seems impossible. Is it? Would my father-in-law help? How do you ask that?
Ideally I would like to leave today but that is not possible. I sometimes think well if I make a huge change I will find my way. Not so good of an idea when you have bills to pay. We have a family vacation in May and I will come back for one week and then have my best friends wedding the next weekend. I am thinking as my drop dead date I will leave for vaca and not come back if nothing else. That way I can print her invites and get that all taken care of.

I turn 27 on December 27th of this year. Its hard to swallow because I thought I would have accomplished more by now. I feel like I accomplished so much between 13 and 23 and now I am just going as is. Nothing wrong with as is... but I am a self improver, planner, type and this is not the as is that I am wanting. Its time to make some decisions and move forward to a new life and some changes :).

So much to think about ...I will keep you posted.

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