Thursday, December 29, 2011

Thoughtful Thursday -Goals

I think this is a great node towards why planning is so important. It is important to break them down as well to see them get accomplished. Life plans, 10 year plans, 5 years plans, this year plans, this month, week, and of course the almighty TODAY. Because todays turn into weeks, months and years. Without these plans those life plans may never happen and those 5 year plans will be sent back to 10 year plans.

I carry a little notebook with me everyday. It is my TO DO TODAY list. I write it out for the next month or so. But each and every night I write down what I would like to accomplish the next day. Somedays its drop off dry cleaning or pick up this or that. Appointments with clients. Dinner with friends. Calling someone back. Applying for jobs. etc.

Here is a sample of my to do list for this evening. Much of it was derailed and I cuddled my husband and doggies on the couch for a white but thats ok to! I already had these on my to do list for the next week. I wanted to get started on some of them and that is just what I did.

This is my NEW book for next year - about 4"x5", fits right in my purse and already has each day. I am curious if I will like this more or not. Maybe I like tearing the page out every night like I accomplished something! I have tried to do this on my phone and on my computer calendar but it is not as motivating for me some how. This is what I like so I go with it.

Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Exciting News!

So over the past month I have found out that 7 of our friends and family are having babies this next year! 

  1. On Christmas Day my sister-in-law Jessica and brother-in-law Brad announced that we are going to have a niece or nephew around July 10th! WOO HOO! Very Very Very excited about this {only bad new is they cannot go on our one and only family vacation in May now - we will miss them a lot}.
  2. Then remember when I took pictures for my friends doggie? I was really helping Lyndsay and Jake announce their bundle of JOY due around July 1!
  3. Then our dear friends Kristin and Dave told us about the same day they are due in JUNE!
  4. My cousin Tara and her husband announced they are due July 31.
  5. Our friends Lucas and Jessica are due in May.
  6. Our friends Aric and Jen are due June 26!
  7. And on Christmas day my lovely Aliesha and her husband Nate are due on our anniversary August 15! {She was in my wedding so I think this is quite special}
So while on the topic of babies, we got asked a lot this weekend when we are having babies and therefore we talked a lot this weekend about that topic.

I am planner....but I try not to plan EVERYthing. But as of right now we would like to expand our family with babies {not just doggies} in about 36 months. I would like {as of now} to celebrate my 30th birthday - go on a European Vacation with the hubby and then the baby making can begin. 

Why this timeline? Because over the next 18 months I am going to be a very busy busy girl! Lots of weddings and happy celebrations and I want to be present for.  And then there is the career! In business you are constantly developing and advancing, and it takes a lot of time and dedication to get there. I am young and energetic now and I want to put a lot of energy towards getting where I want to be over the next 3 years. Then, I know when I have my little family I will be a lot happier with the "balance" in my life and I can give my children more of ME! 

Plans may change. I like LOVE change so I am ok with that. So over the next 36 months I will be doing a lot of living knowing a lot of it might be tabled for a different life for a few years. A life I am just as excited about when we get there.  

I love talking and discussing our "NEXT" life. 
  • How many babies? {Wes wants 2 I want 3 - twins run on both sides of our families so we shall see! We have lots of red heads too on both sides so watch out!} 
  • Baby names. {we think we already have baby #1 named - Boy or Girl we love Avery and have for a very long time - Avery Ayers - is that cruel?  
  • Nursery ideas.{I want to wait to find out the sex of the baby. I PLAN almost EVERYthing it would be fun to leave this one thing unplanned. But Wes is very worried about how to decorate the nursery and what outfits we buy and how do people buy you a gift...I think it is funny because his parents have 4 boys and waited to find out the sex on ALL of them. 
It is exciting and Wesley was an adorable baby and cannot wait to see these little peanuts! 

Monday, December 26, 2011


Happy Birthday To ME {27 today} and my baby-dog Gibson {5 years old today}!

Enjoying our birthday FroYo! I had chocolate and Gibson had peanut butter!
RANDOM FACT: Our other baby dog Cy shares his birthday with Wes {May 10} and Duncan shares his birthday with Wes's brother Jordan {November 17}

Giving and Recieving

Christmas and Birthday time for me! in a few moments I turn 27 years old on December 27th! {Golden Birthday :)}

So this time of year of course means lots of gift buying for friends and family! I love to give presents! A few years ago I found that I loved to give my friends my favorite things {a little oprah like a mircrscolpic scale}.

Here are a few of those items this year:
I used my aunts embroidery machine to embroider personalized names on these nice fleece blankets  for 30 aunts, uncles, and cousins! I love a good cozy blanket!

Scent Warmers! I love love love scent warmers. I like that each room can have its own scent and no need to light a candle.
MaryKay Travel Bag - I love it because it has 4 pouches that are removable! I can hang it up when we are out of town and take one section with me to pool or to the bathroom etc.

These are MaryKay brushset/makeup bag. I love this  so much! It puts all of the things I need to get ready in the morning right at my fingertips and if I need to take it with me it is all ready to go!

I am one LUCKY lady and this year was no exception! I was showered with some very very thoughtful gifts this year!
Anyone that knows me well know I am an awkward receiver. REALLY AWKWARD! I just do not know how to react when people are watching. I think I did really good this year! I truly have loved every gift I have got! Beyond these awesome gifts we got some much appreciated CA$H and my Sister in Laws gave me a sew kit! Victoria Secret gift card! And some toiletries (makeup and shampoo and conditioner!) LOVED IT ALL!

FIRST GIFT: Kate Spade Large Anisha Bag in Logan Square print!
My bestie Karli gave me this amazing gift for my maid of honor/slash xmas/bday gift! And boy was I shocked and speechless! Nicest gift I could have ever dreamed of! Chevron Print! One of my favs + Kate Spade my all time FAV!

NEXT: My dearest friend Katie surprised me with a COACH BRACELET. I told her I never wear bracelets .... which is funny because I have not took it off for 2 weeks! LOVE IT!
NEXT: My in-laws Cindy & Steve gave me a KITCHEN AID MIXER for my birthday! I am so excited a present I will use for YEARS to come!

NEXT: My mother, Michelle, Gave me a sewing machine for my birthday - the Project Runway Brother  LB6800PRW! I love it and I am feeling very crafty for 2012!

NEXT: My mother also got me my 2 lens for xmas! I upgraded to the Canon 50mm 1.4 and got a 50mm macro lens! VERY HAPPY girl! I am expanding my photography hobby in 2012 - more pictures to come!

LAST BUT NOW LEAST! VACATION! My in-laws are taking the entire family to MEXICO in May for our first family vaca! I cannot wait!

2012 is going to be a GREAT YEAR!

Sunday, December 25, 2011

The Leitterman''s Family Photos

On December 16th I got the honor to meet up with some old friends Brianne and Nick Leitterman and their adorable daughter Kylie who was turning TWO the very next day.  Kylie was not a huge fan of me - but we made it work.

Friday, December 23, 2011

Flashback Friday - Christmas time

Here is some of my favorite photos I have scanned so far. 

This is about 1987 or 1988 and this is the only family christmas picture we have - apparently our family was never big on taking photos together. This being the first year with my dad, I really enjoyed seeing how happy he was int his photo.

These are photos of my dad (the blond) and his brother David (the brunette) from about 1959 or 1960. I love all the retro decor and christmas decorations. 

Thursday, December 22, 2011

Thoughtful Thursday - confidence


As I have been organizing my scrapbooks and scanning photos I found a bookmark I received from college graduation with that quote. It fits quite nicely these days and timing could not have been better when I found it. I have been using it everyday since! 

Monday, December 19, 2011

Organizing and Archiving Photos

My latest project is organizing - scanning - and archiving all mine and my mothers family photos.  I project I have had in my head for about 3.5 years but have never started all the way. {Sort of started before my dad died knowing a funeral was coming}.

Here is how to start that project. YES it can feel overwhelming but you have to almost dump them all out first then put them into piles that makes sense.

Then begin to scan! I have the Epson V500 photo and I love it. Lots of research hours went into this purchase and for $200 I love it. The program is extremely user friendly and you can save the scanned photos {which scans multiplies at one time!} straight into the folder under whatever name for that set and then numbers them starting from whatever number you choose.  So if tomorrow I need to add more to Franke Family Folder - under the subfolder Trip - files Names Hawaii it will automatically go to the next number for me.  Other programs I have used have a lot more work and this so easy and montonous it is nice to watch TV - or chat with your BFF :) all while scanning a few hundred photos.  Tonight in a about 3 hours I scanned at least 300 photos while doing other things on my computer like - blogging and uploading photos I took.

Sunday, December 18, 2011

Winter Wonderland.

Since last week I have been go.go.go! I taking Friday and Monday off of work to drive to my husbands hometown, Canton, Missouri for his brother Jordan's Grad School Graduation in Illinois on Saturday and then his mom's side of the family, the Humphreys, in northwest missouri on Sunday.  But then I got the flu. That makes me sick for almost all of December. Wes went on to Canton and I stayed home and the doggies took care of me.  

I started feeling slightly better on Saturday and then between watching hours and hours of HGTV and DIYNetwork I managed to clean all 3000 square feet of our house {I got so antsy and bored}.  Today I felt back to myself but with no husband home and no pressing items on my to do list I took I took the morning slow and easy. I mainly cuddled the pups and they loved it. 

Then I began to cook. For who? No one! I am still not hungry but cooking felt productive. So I made chicken and dumplings, baked chicken, and sweet potato mashed potatoes. Then I called my mom and asked her and my grandmother to come over. Two hours later I had an impromptu dinner party and was at least able to give them their christmas presents since I will not see them over the holidays {we leave for Canton on Friday and return on Monday}. 

So now that I am finally rested for the first time in months I cracked open a project.

This is what I save for the winter months! PROJECTS! Mainly projects that require me sitting inside at a computer. When it is above 60 degrees I dread being inside on my time off. But on a cold dreary night in December thru March - Hell Ya!

I got out a 2012 calendar and set out a schedule to finish some of these items:

I recommend being reasonable about the goals you set for yourself. Some of these items have been on my list for years but last winter we remodeled the basement and my dad was very ill. Those obviously took precedence over these projects. 

Here is my list to help you with yours! 

December/ January:

  • Finish the scrapbooks from High School and Grade School
  • For Dad:
    • Get his headstone
    • Finish mounting his item at Fred's Flowers
  • Work on my moms house renovations
  • Work on scanning slides and photos
  • 13th - 1 Year since dad passed away
  • 20-22 Chicago for Jen's Engagement Party!

  • Quilts!
    • Make and finish the quilts from my dad's shirts
    • Finish my other 2 quilts from High school and grade school shirts
  • Work on scanning slides and photos
  • Auction! I am on my high school auction committee and I am in charge of requesting and getting the donations. Then I also help Karli with decorations and the rest of the team with the finishing the baskets. We meet every Monday at least. It will keep me very very busy!
  • Work on scanning slides and photos
  • Karli's Shower
  • Get ready for Karli's Bachelorette Party
  • 4-6th - Kentucy Derby for Karli's Bachellorette Party!
  • 10th - Wes's 27th birthday!
  • 9th- Karli's Wedding!
July and August
  • Jen's Wedding Stuff - Bridal Shower and Bachellorette Party!
  • 1-3 Chicago for Jen's Wedding!

Monday, December 12, 2011

Up in the air

Its been a week since I have wrote! Yes I am have been both that busy and hesitant to write.  Such a busy time of year and the job market is sooo slow! I have 6 applications out with my crappy resume and cover letter. Since then I have asked dear friends to review it and help me. {remember this is the FIRST time I have ever applied for a JOB! That did not have to do with leadership or a student organization!}

Other things that happened in the past week:

  • I have been working on Christmas gifts! I have been using my aunts professional embroidery machine to finish them! I am very excited how great they have turned out too!
  • Friday we had my work party - then my friends had a girls slumber party! It was a ton of fun! 
  • Saturday I swore would be 100% productive like the rest of my month has been but I feel asleep at noon and woke up at 6pm! Went to my aunts to embroider and came home.... thats it.
  • Sunday we had lunch with our dear friends Kristin and Dave and then took some picture of my friends Lyndsay and Jake's {making a menz} doggy.  I love dog pictures. I am trying to expand my portfolio right now and it really helps to work with babies and dogs because you cannot really predict or expect what they will do next.
  • Tonight I helped my mother start her house remodel.  She is doing all new floors, lighting, countertops (including bathrooms), plumbing fixtures, and paint! I have my work cut out for me! But after doing our basement remodel last winter I have lots of shortcuts to use!

I hope these make you smile as much as they do me!

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

The Cato's Photos

Another Photo shoot!
I got the chance to take photo's for a high school friend, again. She has a second baby now, Ms. Lucy is 4 months old and Sophie is 2. Nicole and her husband Heath are a lot of fun and really laid back. I basically just chased ms.sophie around and took pictures of her playing or crying :)

Here are a few a of my favorites.

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