Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Exciting News!

So over the past month I have found out that 7 of our friends and family are having babies this next year! 

  1. On Christmas Day my sister-in-law Jessica and brother-in-law Brad announced that we are going to have a niece or nephew around July 10th! WOO HOO! Very Very Very excited about this {only bad new is they cannot go on our one and only family vacation in May now - we will miss them a lot}.
  2. Then remember when I took pictures for my friends doggie? I was really helping Lyndsay and Jake announce their bundle of JOY due around July 1!
  3. Then our dear friends Kristin and Dave told us about the same day they are due in JUNE!
  4. My cousin Tara and her husband announced they are due July 31.
  5. Our friends Lucas and Jessica are due in May.
  6. Our friends Aric and Jen are due June 26!
  7. And on Christmas day my lovely Aliesha and her husband Nate are due on our anniversary August 15! {She was in my wedding so I think this is quite special}
So while on the topic of babies, we got asked a lot this weekend when we are having babies and therefore we talked a lot this weekend about that topic.

I am planner....but I try not to plan EVERYthing. But as of right now we would like to expand our family with babies {not just doggies} in about 36 months. I would like {as of now} to celebrate my 30th birthday - go on a European Vacation with the hubby and then the baby making can begin. 

Why this timeline? Because over the next 18 months I am going to be a very busy busy girl! Lots of weddings and happy celebrations and I want to be present for.  And then there is the career! In business you are constantly developing and advancing, and it takes a lot of time and dedication to get there. I am young and energetic now and I want to put a lot of energy towards getting where I want to be over the next 3 years. Then, I know when I have my little family I will be a lot happier with the "balance" in my life and I can give my children more of ME! 

Plans may change. I like LOVE change so I am ok with that. So over the next 36 months I will be doing a lot of living knowing a lot of it might be tabled for a different life for a few years. A life I am just as excited about when we get there.  

I love talking and discussing our "NEXT" life. 
  • How many babies? {Wes wants 2 I want 3 - twins run on both sides of our families so we shall see! We have lots of red heads too on both sides so watch out!} 
  • Baby names. {we think we already have baby #1 named - Boy or Girl we love Avery and have for a very long time - Avery Ayers - is that cruel?  
  • Nursery ideas.{I want to wait to find out the sex of the baby. I PLAN almost EVERYthing it would be fun to leave this one thing unplanned. But Wes is very worried about how to decorate the nursery and what outfits we buy and how do people buy you a gift...I think it is funny because his parents have 4 boys and waited to find out the sex on ALL of them. 
It is exciting and Wesley was an adorable baby and cannot wait to see these little peanuts! 

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  1. If you have a girl (if Wes allows) and name her Avery Ayers that won't be cruel,it's pretty, and she'll eventually get a new last name. I was almost Hadley Hamlin and I mom regrets not naming me that, but she thought it was too rhymie.


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