Monday, December 26, 2011

Giving and Recieving

Christmas and Birthday time for me! in a few moments I turn 27 years old on December 27th! {Golden Birthday :)}

So this time of year of course means lots of gift buying for friends and family! I love to give presents! A few years ago I found that I loved to give my friends my favorite things {a little oprah like a mircrscolpic scale}.

Here are a few of those items this year:
I used my aunts embroidery machine to embroider personalized names on these nice fleece blankets  for 30 aunts, uncles, and cousins! I love a good cozy blanket!

Scent Warmers! I love love love scent warmers. I like that each room can have its own scent and no need to light a candle.
MaryKay Travel Bag - I love it because it has 4 pouches that are removable! I can hang it up when we are out of town and take one section with me to pool or to the bathroom etc.

These are MaryKay brushset/makeup bag. I love this  so much! It puts all of the things I need to get ready in the morning right at my fingertips and if I need to take it with me it is all ready to go!

I am one LUCKY lady and this year was no exception! I was showered with some very very thoughtful gifts this year!
Anyone that knows me well know I am an awkward receiver. REALLY AWKWARD! I just do not know how to react when people are watching. I think I did really good this year! I truly have loved every gift I have got! Beyond these awesome gifts we got some much appreciated CA$H and my Sister in Laws gave me a sew kit! Victoria Secret gift card! And some toiletries (makeup and shampoo and conditioner!) LOVED IT ALL!

FIRST GIFT: Kate Spade Large Anisha Bag in Logan Square print!
My bestie Karli gave me this amazing gift for my maid of honor/slash xmas/bday gift! And boy was I shocked and speechless! Nicest gift I could have ever dreamed of! Chevron Print! One of my favs + Kate Spade my all time FAV!

NEXT: My dearest friend Katie surprised me with a COACH BRACELET. I told her I never wear bracelets .... which is funny because I have not took it off for 2 weeks! LOVE IT!
NEXT: My in-laws Cindy & Steve gave me a KITCHEN AID MIXER for my birthday! I am so excited a present I will use for YEARS to come!

NEXT: My mother, Michelle, Gave me a sewing machine for my birthday - the Project Runway Brother  LB6800PRW! I love it and I am feeling very crafty for 2012!

NEXT: My mother also got me my 2 lens for xmas! I upgraded to the Canon 50mm 1.4 and got a 50mm macro lens! VERY HAPPY girl! I am expanding my photography hobby in 2012 - more pictures to come!

LAST BUT NOW LEAST! VACATION! My in-laws are taking the entire family to MEXICO in May for our first family vaca! I cannot wait!

2012 is going to be a GREAT YEAR!

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