Monday, December 19, 2011

Organizing and Archiving Photos

My latest project is organizing - scanning - and archiving all mine and my mothers family photos.  I project I have had in my head for about 3.5 years but have never started all the way. {Sort of started before my dad died knowing a funeral was coming}.

Here is how to start that project. YES it can feel overwhelming but you have to almost dump them all out first then put them into piles that makes sense.

Then begin to scan! I have the Epson V500 photo and I love it. Lots of research hours went into this purchase and for $200 I love it. The program is extremely user friendly and you can save the scanned photos {which scans multiplies at one time!} straight into the folder under whatever name for that set and then numbers them starting from whatever number you choose.  So if tomorrow I need to add more to Franke Family Folder - under the subfolder Trip - files Names Hawaii it will automatically go to the next number for me.  Other programs I have used have a lot more work and this so easy and montonous it is nice to watch TV - or chat with your BFF :) all while scanning a few hundred photos.  Tonight in a about 3 hours I scanned at least 300 photos while doing other things on my computer like - blogging and uploading photos I took.

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