Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Projects and Problems

I have been working working working on my projects around the house - very motivated lately!

  • Scrapbook - my idea of a scrapbook is gluing/taping stuff down to paper - no frills. I had boxes and boxes of stuff I have saved from christmas cards, our wedding, college, high school, and grade school that sits in boxes and I never ever look at.
    • It started with my mementos from my dad's funeral. I took all the cards and other items and I made a scrapbook for myself, my mother, and my grandmother. I look through often when I need a little "hug" and "love."
    • Next, I did all the cards I got from our wedding, and all the little pieces of memories, newspaper announcements, budgets, contracts, to do lists, etc. It will fill 2 books and now I can actually look back at those memories - very nicely organized for years to come. 
    • Then I could not stop and I did all of college - I had 4 bags of trash and my office closet is empty.
    • I am waiting on more books to come in before I start high school and grade school, but there are a fraction of the size of a box these others were!
    • So I actually have a closet back and I see the light at the end of the tunnel! I have had this project on a to do list for years and feel so relieved to almost have it done.
  • Next I will work on scanning thousands and thousand of picture:
    • All of my moms photos - I have been scanning slides for the past year and sending them to Scan digital from groupons I buy. We almost have all the slides done and are moving on to all the hard copy pictures. When I am done my sister, mother, and uncle will all get an external back up of all the photos so there is no life long fight over them - we will all have them!
    • My photos! I plan on scanning all of old photos and do a photobook online for each year. Right now I have done one for each anniversary for Wes and I, so I have everything done up to 2005. So That only leaves me about 20 years of books :) It really won't be even that bad.
    • Next I am archiving all the hard photos and yearbooks for my high school. It was an idea I had 3 years ago. Between my fathers illness and holidays that winter project just never got done - until now - hopefully.
  • Holiday decor - We have got the tree up, and the basic decor around the house up. Tonight I made a burlap wreath for the door (I love pinterest!) I am still waiting for the outside lights to be put up - Wes is afraid of heights so he is trying to get a friend to help this year :) Happy Holidays!

I have been sick since Thanksgiving, which has been hard because I also have been crazy busy.
Last night I stayed up until 5am working on the photo books, woke up late to this:
My fabric softener had fallen off the dryer. Upside - We have really soft towels now!

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