Thursday, December 29, 2011

Thoughtful Thursday -Goals

I think this is a great node towards why planning is so important. It is important to break them down as well to see them get accomplished. Life plans, 10 year plans, 5 years plans, this year plans, this month, week, and of course the almighty TODAY. Because todays turn into weeks, months and years. Without these plans those life plans may never happen and those 5 year plans will be sent back to 10 year plans.

I carry a little notebook with me everyday. It is my TO DO TODAY list. I write it out for the next month or so. But each and every night I write down what I would like to accomplish the next day. Somedays its drop off dry cleaning or pick up this or that. Appointments with clients. Dinner with friends. Calling someone back. Applying for jobs. etc.

Here is a sample of my to do list for this evening. Much of it was derailed and I cuddled my husband and doggies on the couch for a white but thats ok to! I already had these on my to do list for the next week. I wanted to get started on some of them and that is just what I did.

This is my NEW book for next year - about 4"x5", fits right in my purse and already has each day. I am curious if I will like this more or not. Maybe I like tearing the page out every night like I accomplished something! I have tried to do this on my phone and on my computer calendar but it is not as motivating for me some how. This is what I like so I go with it.

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