Thursday, December 1, 2011

Thoughtful Thursday - quitting vs moving on

Well...This sums it up.  Had kind of a crazy day yesterday, running around delivering christmas/holiday packages to my top clients, a few of which are my friends.  And we got in the discussion of my job search.  I realized on my drive back to work that I have waited longer than I normally would to move on from a job that was not my perfect fit. 
Why is that? 
Because I thought I would be a quitter? 
Sort of.  I felt like I would let me clients down. I have come to terms that they were fine before they met me and they will be fine after I am gone as well. Now onto bettering myself and finding the perfect fit.

I got an auto response from one of the positions saying I was not qualified. Which means I may still be in the running for the other (better fit) jobs! 

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