Monday, December 12, 2011

Up in the air

Its been a week since I have wrote! Yes I am have been both that busy and hesitant to write.  Such a busy time of year and the job market is sooo slow! I have 6 applications out with my crappy resume and cover letter. Since then I have asked dear friends to review it and help me. {remember this is the FIRST time I have ever applied for a JOB! That did not have to do with leadership or a student organization!}

Other things that happened in the past week:

  • I have been working on Christmas gifts! I have been using my aunts professional embroidery machine to finish them! I am very excited how great they have turned out too!
  • Friday we had my work party - then my friends had a girls slumber party! It was a ton of fun! 
  • Saturday I swore would be 100% productive like the rest of my month has been but I feel asleep at noon and woke up at 6pm! Went to my aunts to embroider and came home.... thats it.
  • Sunday we had lunch with our dear friends Kristin and Dave and then took some picture of my friends Lyndsay and Jake's {making a menz} doggy.  I love dog pictures. I am trying to expand my portfolio right now and it really helps to work with babies and dogs because you cannot really predict or expect what they will do next.
  • Tonight I helped my mother start her house remodel.  She is doing all new floors, lighting, countertops (including bathrooms), plumbing fixtures, and paint! I have my work cut out for me! But after doing our basement remodel last winter I have lots of shortcuts to use!

I hope these make you smile as much as they do me!

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  1. Try to take pictures of Archer, he'll keep you busy!


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