Sunday, December 18, 2011

Winter Wonderland.

Since last week I have been go.go.go! I taking Friday and Monday off of work to drive to my husbands hometown, Canton, Missouri for his brother Jordan's Grad School Graduation in Illinois on Saturday and then his mom's side of the family, the Humphreys, in northwest missouri on Sunday.  But then I got the flu. That makes me sick for almost all of December. Wes went on to Canton and I stayed home and the doggies took care of me.  

I started feeling slightly better on Saturday and then between watching hours and hours of HGTV and DIYNetwork I managed to clean all 3000 square feet of our house {I got so antsy and bored}.  Today I felt back to myself but with no husband home and no pressing items on my to do list I took I took the morning slow and easy. I mainly cuddled the pups and they loved it. 

Then I began to cook. For who? No one! I am still not hungry but cooking felt productive. So I made chicken and dumplings, baked chicken, and sweet potato mashed potatoes. Then I called my mom and asked her and my grandmother to come over. Two hours later I had an impromptu dinner party and was at least able to give them their christmas presents since I will not see them over the holidays {we leave for Canton on Friday and return on Monday}. 

So now that I am finally rested for the first time in months I cracked open a project.

This is what I save for the winter months! PROJECTS! Mainly projects that require me sitting inside at a computer. When it is above 60 degrees I dread being inside on my time off. But on a cold dreary night in December thru March - Hell Ya!

I got out a 2012 calendar and set out a schedule to finish some of these items:

I recommend being reasonable about the goals you set for yourself. Some of these items have been on my list for years but last winter we remodeled the basement and my dad was very ill. Those obviously took precedence over these projects. 

Here is my list to help you with yours! 

December/ January:

  • Finish the scrapbooks from High School and Grade School
  • For Dad:
    • Get his headstone
    • Finish mounting his item at Fred's Flowers
  • Work on my moms house renovations
  • Work on scanning slides and photos
  • 13th - 1 Year since dad passed away
  • 20-22 Chicago for Jen's Engagement Party!

  • Quilts!
    • Make and finish the quilts from my dad's shirts
    • Finish my other 2 quilts from High school and grade school shirts
  • Work on scanning slides and photos
  • Auction! I am on my high school auction committee and I am in charge of requesting and getting the donations. Then I also help Karli with decorations and the rest of the team with the finishing the baskets. We meet every Monday at least. It will keep me very very busy!
  • Work on scanning slides and photos
  • Karli's Shower
  • Get ready for Karli's Bachelorette Party
  • 4-6th - Kentucy Derby for Karli's Bachellorette Party!
  • 10th - Wes's 27th birthday!
  • 9th- Karli's Wedding!
July and August
  • Jen's Wedding Stuff - Bridal Shower and Bachellorette Party!
  • 1-3 Chicago for Jen's Wedding!

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