Tuesday, January 10, 2012


10 years ago from January 7th a dear dear friend of mine {and many people} passed away, Andy Mann.

Andy was one of those happy people that was just a regular 17 year old guy that was friends with probably every single person in our school.

Andy and his sister Tammy were on their way home from school that day and we had been having some ice. Andy hit a patch of black ice and went off the road. He got out to help Tammy out of the car. He tripped. Fell. And grabbed a live wire. Andy passed away immediately.  He of course had a closed casket and as a teenager that was hard to process.

His death definitely brought our school full of lively kids down to earth. All of a sudden it was very real how quickly and innocently we could all be gone.

On Saturday, after the wedding show, I went to Andy's church with a few friends and his family to be together and just think about and celebrate Andy. 

Tammy actually married my high school boyfriend, Jordan {who I have not seen in at least 8 years}. They have a 3 month old baby boy, Kellan, and boy was he a cutie. It was nice to see them so happy, they are both such amazing people! 

After that my my friends Lindsay and Niki and I went out for sushi and then to the bars in my hometown {which I have not been to in at least a year!}. It was fun to kind of go home in a way on Saturday and walk down memory lane for 1 night!

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