Sunday, January 15, 2012

1/13/12 One Year without him

Friday was 1.13.12 and it was one year since my dad passed at about 7am. 

I tried not to fill my entire day with tears. 

So I hopped back on my treadmill and did 5 more miles {which lead to 18 miles in 2 days - this as a little too much to start my training so I had to take Saturday and Sunday off to get my body back where I could move again!}.

Then I went and got flowers for the grave, my mom, and my grandma.

Had to do a little work which I was trying to avoid!

Went to the grave - talked to dad and cried. A LOT!

Went to the monument place to approve and pay for the headstone.

Got some lunch.

Went to my grandma's and visited.

Got in a fight with the hubs...emotions were running high.

Relaxed and did nothing.

That pretty much almost sums up my entire weekend! I feel absolutely behind on my to do's, slightly mad at myself.

On Saturday I went with my mother for a few hours to work on her house renovation!  I will be posting more soon about that!

Sunday I cleaned and then took some photos for a very cute 6 month old baby! {New clients :) I am like a real photographer now}


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