Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Half Marathon ??!!!??

So I took the plunge and signed up for a HALF MARATHON!

How?: Well in December we had a little girls drinking slumber party and about 2 am my friend Erin and I decided a Half Marathon was a good idea. She signed up. I did not. Surely I can get out of this?

Not exactly. She did not let me forget.

Why?: This was on my 2011 TO DO LIST. 
Never happened... probably a good thing with how my year went!

But 2012 is here and now is as good of time to commit to something like this!

When?: February 26, 2012!
Where?: Disney World! Thats right it is the Disney Princess Half Marathon (I picked Ariel as my favorite princess!)

Well that gives me 6 weeks and 3 days to train. 

PS I cannot run 1 mile right now!

So I am training for 5K :) hoping to run that 3 times that day! 

I have 2 strategies/goals.

To run half of it.... {13.1 / 2 = 6.55}


To run 5k {3 miles}
walk 1 mile
run 5k {3 miles}
walk 1 mile
run 5k {3 miles}
walk 2 miles
DONE??? 9miles out of 13 is not bad..I would be fairly pleased!

We will see! Either way it is a bucket list and I know for sure I could walk it all for sure! I would like to run some though.

Next I would like to do a few more this year and improve my running/walking times!

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  1. okay you are my Half Marathon partner for the St. Jude's run in December! I've wanted to go the last 2 years but Brandon's schedule won't let us! I want to do it & you'll be an expert by then!


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