Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Hello 2012! My Goals for next year!

Wes and I have been taking our own advise and getting our plans, hopes, dreams, and goals written down.

Here are some highlight of those plans for 2012!

  • Run Something! As of now I am signed up with a friend February 26 to go to Disney for the Disney Princess half marathon! I am in no shape what so ever to run a half marathon but if I can run 6.6 and walk 6.5 I would be elated as well as run 3 walk 1 run 3 walk 1 run 3!!! I would be even happier!
  • Loss Weight! I have lost almost 20 pounds this year - a lot of it without trying because my stress levels went down the weight came off as quickly as it came on. But I think I want to lose 30 more to be at a happy weight. I was at that weight a few years ago and its healthy happy weight! This is no New Years or Vacation wish! This is get in shape and get healthy for the rest of your life goal! I do have the half marathon, lots of weddings and the vacation to keep me highly motivated at least! 
  • Finish My Projects! I have 3 scrapbooks left DZ(had to be added because I could not fit it all in my college one!), High School and Grade School/Childhood books.  Then scan the rest of the family photos, my photos, and my high school scrapbooks.
  • DAD! Finish his shadow boxes, make our quilts, and get his headstone done.
  • Photography! Continue to learn and love this hobby! I am at a point where I own most of the professional equipment that I am ready to start making "some" money off of it this year. I plan (as of now) to meet with my friend Tracy a few times a month and learn tons of goodies and work with her when I can!
  • Trips! Enjoy them!! We are starting our anniversary roulette this year {we are going to take a last minute deal and go pretty much the next place they have for a long weekend! Spontaneous and fun! We may end up in Idaho or a small town somewhere but that is all in the adventure!
I will not bore you with the rest of the details but I tried to be very detailed about exactly what it is we are trying to accomplish and I look forward to looking back on this a year from now!

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