Monday, January 2, 2012

House Tour

I thought I would finally do a house tour! It may be fun to look back over the years and how it will change! 

Our First Home!
We moved in August 2008. 

My laundry room: I really love laundry and last year when we finished the basement we put these cabinets in and I kissed them I loved them so much!

Christmas decor:

Dining room (attached to kitchen):


Formal Dining Room:

Living Room:


Hall Bath upstairs:

Guest Bedroom #1 (bedroom #2): This bed is a family heirloom that is over 200 years old and came over on a boat in 1829 to America from England by my great.....Grandfather Samuel Brent. Side note - Wes hates this room and ALL of the OLD furniture. When I was a child I would ask for furniture every year for my birthday. My grandmother gave me the bed and dresser for my 11 birthday. The side chair I got for my 14th bitrhday. The desk my 12th birthday. And the hope chest in the closet for my 13th birthday. I was a strange child.

Guest Room #2 (3 bed of the house): Yellow and black/silver motif. Simple and elegant.

Master Bedroom:
I love shoes! And our big bed works well when you have 4 baby dogs sleeping with you every night!

Master Bathroom:
If not notice my garden tub I use as a laundry hamper. I am too short to comfortably take a bath :(

 Our finished basement: 
We finished it 1 year ago and love it! We love to entertain and enjoy lazy days like today in it!

Downstairs Bedroom (Bedroom #4): love this guest room!
Downstairs bathroom:

The office: my little nook. Yes it is messy but I am always working on a project!

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