Monday, January 23, 2012

Life as I know it...

The last few weeks have been all consuming. It is bridal season and I wish I knew that all my hard work would pay off but hopefully it won't {well not pay me at least - I hope it works out for all of my brides :)} I would love a new job here in a month or two!!!

At the current moment I do not have any job applications out because I do not have time to do anything for myself right now.  Between meeting with brides 2-3 night a week after working all day, then train for about 90 minutes a day for the half marathon, and helping my mom remodel her house I have a full load. And in my free time I try to finish that to do list I keep talking about {which I am about a week behind schedule on!}

So this weekend we got away!
We went to Chicago for my friend Jen's Engagement party! 
We left Friday morning at 8:30am with our friends Morgan and Drew. And we got to Chicago 9 HOURS LATER!!! We hit a snow storm. This trip should have taken about 5 hours. On top of that I got another cold :( and by Saturday night I had lost my voice completely!

On Saturday afternoon Jen and her fiance Roshan threw an engagement party in the burb of Chicago at the hotel where there wedding will be in September. It was nice to see Roshan's culture and meet all the new people! They sure do know how to party and I thought Catholics like to drink! 

Anyway we got to see other friends as well {Erika and Paul, Megan and Mark, Shannon and Tyler!} And we stayed with Ms. Monica! And I finally got to meet her boyfriend Kyle, who I love and definitely approve :). I introduced myself as his new best friend and since I did not scare him off I think we have years of friendship ahead of us!

It was a great weekend. Nice to sleep 5 deep in a 1 bedroom apartment like college and it made me miss the sorority house days :(.

I need to make more time for weekends like this.

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