Sunday, February 5, 2012

doing "BUSINESS"

Tonight we had some friends over for the superbowl. Big BONUS that we got to see our friends that we LOVE! It was a nice relaxing evening and I wish I could force them all to come over once a month! 

Tonight I got to speak to a few friends about my career search which always gets me excited and motivated to get going on this. And I have over the last week had a few ups and downs. I did not get interviewed for a position I was already in LOVE with. I cried big girl tears and it took my self esteem down a lot. I have spoken to a few friends for advise and now I feel more lost than ever.

Business is such a broad word and degree and career. 

Small Business vs. BIG BUSINESS:
So I have done the small business thing for 3.5 years and on both occasions I have quickly been at the top of what I can reach. The next step would to be to own one of these companies - neither would I want to right now even if I could.

Sales vs. Marketing vs. Management vs. Accounting vs. Human Resources vs. Procurement vs.........
The list goes on and on and on. One of the things I realized with my career search is that I need to pick a career!

WHAT DO I WANT TO DO WHEN I GROW UP? HMMMMMM...... I love management but so far even though I have track record of doing that well and LOVING IT - BUT I am not qualifed to do this for a BIG BUSINESS at least not YET from what I am finding out. An MBA means jackshXX.

So next question - What do you I want to manage?
Marketing Manager? Procurement Manager? Product Development? Project Management? Human Resources Manager? 

This is important because I need to go in that direction! But how do I know that my next job won't just be that another job. I want it to be a career that I love and that I will advance at. That I can work my way up and have no limits. THIS IS MY DREAM.

So how do I get there!
I HAVE NO IDEA. I really really need a mentor here. I am lost, sad, and lonely. I really want to figure this one out. It is my ultimate dream. This makes me so jealous of my teacher friends, nurse friends, lawyer friends doctor friends, etc. You know what you want to do and you know how to get there and what to expect.

I LOVE BUSINESS but I love lots of parts of it.

When I close my eyes and see myself in a great career I think:

  • I could see my self at big corporation being a buyer in procurement. 
  • I could see myself as a director at a university.
  • I could see my self as a owner and manager of a small to mid-size business. 
  • I think I would really like HR or recruitment. 
  • Project management, product development, etc etc etc etc etc
In my last few jobs at small business and at Missouri State I had to do a lot of jobs and where a lot of hats. 

At Missouri State I was the Graduate Assistant for Greek Life. When my boss took another job they did not replace her and I did a lot of my job and hers. I got the opportunity to advise a lot of student organizations, sit in and help hire new employees, sit on many planning committees, etc... and I really loved it. Universities are cyclical and in a way have projects because you are always planning. Planning for students to come, midterm, breaks, graduation. Each year all of those will happen and no matter what department you are in your job revolves around that.

Then at the motorcycle shop I did a lot. I started by completely remodeling the image and the what I could do of the showrooms and sales displays. I then created and updated the website. I went to training Denver and California and Annual Dealer shows in vegas. I planned annual projects and did projection to see where we could go. I started cycle counting and reduced our inventory to get down to what products turned often and made us the best profit. All none performing goods had to go and we did it! I hired, fired, reviewed, held weekly meetings, and motivated and reprimanded. I did it all. It was fun. 

At the marketing company when I started I learned about what the company did and how to see the products and suppliers to give my clients the best products at the best prices. I cleaned and organizes the building {because I am good at and I cannot stand clutter and stuff everywhere!}. I created and developed a lot of our wedding division. I would stay really really late to file and organize the wedding invites so I could sell them to my clients. Wedding are always trending towards next year and you have to stay current at all times! In any small business you have to be a team player and I think I have literally done most jobs there at some time to help out. I have assembled invites, heat pressed shirts, picked lots of material, assembled booklets, took of production management (for maternity leave). It is always interested to see how other businesses do things and what you would and and would not do yourself - it is definitely a great lesson. 

So with all of this random background I have been lucky enough to do a LITTLE of a LOT! So in the job search it makes me an EXPERT at NOTHING! I never thought being so diverse and working so hard would feel like it is getting me NO WHERE! 

I will try to blog more, but I have been really really busy. I leave in 2.5 weeks for Florida for the 1/2 marathon I am not ready for! I am helping my mom remodel. I am trying to finish projects. And for at least February I am taking one day off a week during the week to catch up on stuff like TAXES and other things. This may change if we get busier or I actually start to make money again :/.

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