Friday, June 15, 2012

Doggie Attack. X2

My mom's puppy was attacked by her next door neighbors dog in October 2011. He was insured but made a full recovery {he was bitten by his neck). She choose not to press charges but threatened them if anything ever happened again she would do something. Then in March she was attacked and made a police report.

So when we left for Mexico I refused to have my 4 baby dogs at her house near those bad doggies. So my mom watched them at our house Thursday thru Monday {that was her limit of being responsible before we both knew she would take them to her house.

So then Karli (10 days before her wedding) offered to watch them Monday thru Thrusday. I felt horrible but I was stuck and she offered so I let her. Then Wednesday night at around 8pm (the night before we returned) her neighbors dog jumped the fence and attached our 6 pound maltese. Karli was at her final dress fitting when this happened.  She rushed him to the Animal ER and hours later he was patched up and sent home. He was also bit by his neck and the dog went after his jugular and tried to kill him as well.

Then Wednesday night (1 hour after I brought my grandma home from the hospital) my mom's puppy an 8 pound brussels griffin got attacked again by her neighbors doggie, this time it appears to be less of an attack but it was much worse. The crazy neighbor kept yelling that he didn't touch poor baby Gizmo but the protruding hernia said other wise. We rushed him to the animal ER and the dog had bit through him and took some of his intestines with him. They rushed him into surgery and removed part of his intestines and we are waiting to see if he will make a recovery.

Really tired of doggie attacks. I will never ever believe again that a dog won't do it again. In my mom's case this was that dogs 4th and final attack.  I am pursuing a lawsuit that the owners were negligent in caring for dog they knew was a danger and did nothing to prevent the next 3 attacks. For all dogs, children and adults that live in that subdivision they deserve to be safe and out of harms way. All 3 attacks on were on my moms property right in front of her house. If you cannot feel safe walking out of you house then those people should not be allowed to own a dog.

It really is a sad day and I hope Gizmo makes a full recovery - he is one of the sweetest doggies I have ever met!

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