Saturday, June 23, 2012

Father's Day

Sunday was a father's day I tried to block out. Last year it was my first one with out my dad and it was very hard to accept. This year my plan was to kind of not acknowledge the day instead of try and honor him and get all sad. I have many more years to do {I am sure father's days when we are parents will get emotional on a whole new level and make me appreciate and miss my father even more},

So we stayed busy - very busy. Saturday we went down to the Heritage Brew Festival to taste some beers and meet up with some friends.  Sunday we had an early tee time {that we missed because of a detour}, so we went to the driving range, headed to the grocery store and were laying by the pool by 11:30! Once we were nice and RED - we headed home to shower and drove down to the wineries! We got home about 7 and grilled out steaks and drank some wine! It was an absolutely perfect day. No tears, no self loathing, just a good Sunday Funday with my husband...Just what I needed!

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