Monday, June 25, 2012

Mexico Family Vacation May 24-31, 2012

In May we took a family vacation to Playa Del Carmen, Mexico as our amazing christmas gift from Wes' parents Steve and Cindy! The whole family was suppose to go until Wes' brother Brad and his wife Jessica found out they were expecting their first child and would be too far along to join us. 

We stayed at The Royal Hotel {the same resort Karli and Matt went to 10 days later for their honeymoon}!  It was a really great week and in the midst of all my drama with my job search it was so nice to get away.

Here are some pictures from our adventures!

Brother-in-law Drew and his girlfriend Jacklyn

Brother-in-law Jordan and his fiance Megan

Wesley ready for his first time Parasailing

The Rents - Steve and Cindy

Sky View

Our Hotel

Everyone reading Fifty shades of grey

We played a lot of volleyball - It really makes me with my in-laws had a pool! I could see a lot of weekends filled with that!


rain rain go away!

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