Monday, July 23, 2012

More Family Photos!

Sunday, July 22, I met up with my dear friends Brian and Christina and their baby girl - Haley (almost 1 year old!)!!!  And their friend Nicole and adorable son. 

It is funny how my friends always feel like they are bothering me when they ask me to take photos - but as with any hobby it is a use or lose it kind of thing and I don't (on most days) sit around taking photos of my baby dogs. For both of us it is a win win! I get to practice my art, spend time with my friends, and give them a gift. For them it is a no investment photo session - I always tell them they get what they pay for - lol - just kidding. What I mean is that I do not charge anyone so if they do not like/love the photos they did not lose anything but maybe an hour with me. 

Here are my favorite from the weekend!

Spoiler alert!!
These kids are pretty cute!

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

The Blattel Wedding {Greg +Ellen} July 14, 2012

Saturday we celebrated 2 great people's marriage - Greg and Ellen.

I have known Greg since I was 13 years old and he has been one of my best friends ever since!
"Back in the Day" Greg, Mike, Aliesha and myself were inseparable most of the time. Through the years we dated each other's friends, family, and at some points each other. We brought others in and out of our small group at times but the core was always the 4 of us.

It was a nice evening and Aliesha and I spent a lot of it reminiscing about the "Good old Days."
Its hard to believe it was the summer of 1998 that would change my friendships and my life forever. 14 years sure did fly by!

Monday, July 16, 2012

Aliesha's Baby Shower for Ellie Marie

On Sunday we had a beautiful baby shower for Mrs. Aliesha.  Baby Ellie is due on Wes and I's 3rd wedding anniversary - August 15!  Her sister, Angela, daughter will be one year older and I have a weird feeling we already know what Ms. Ellie will look like since Angela and Aliesha have always looked so much alike!

Here are my favs of the day!

Sunday, July 15, 2012

St Pius Auction April 2012

I am on a few...committees for my high school. One being the high school Auction which raises over $100,000 for the school each year. Over the last 2 years myself and Ms. Karli bring not only our 20-something energy to the committee but also our crafty DIY knowledge and our presentation abilities. Our motto is cheap and cheerful but with so much class not one would ever guess we spent that little!

Here are the pics from that fabulous night!

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