Saturday, July 7, 2012

Be Careful What You Wish for

Game Changer

On that very first day at the bank, during my very first hour I got a phone call from the other company that I interview with (my DREAM COMPANY)! It was a for a procurement (buyer) position I applied for 4 months earlier and they had a new opening and wanted to set up an interview! I was about to PUKE! I just started my new job! How an I going to get out of work to go on an interview???
At this point I had to entertain the idea and figure out how I was going to go. I was getting a pretty bad cold and told my boss that I needed to go to the doctor and if I could leave an hour early that Friday (day 5 of my new job!!). So I went to my interview. I was more relaxed and at this point I had nothing to lose. I was no longer desperate for a new job because I already had one.  The interview went really well and lasted 2 hours! It was for a commercial buyer position and I would be buying print materials – similar to what I already had been doing, so I knew I was qualified.

Monday morning go back to my other new job and get ready for Mexico! At 9 am the other company calls back and wants to set up a second interview before I leave for Mexico (Thursday). HOW AM I GOING TO GET OUT OF WORK AGAIN?? So I told my boss this time that I needed to get some things done down in where I live before I leave for Mexico and they closed at 6.

So I got to me 2nd interview! The interview was the Director the Procurement and it went so well that during the interview he asked if I could do my 3rd interview with the vice president right then!!! OMG YES! I figured that was  a good sign since everything was moving so fast!

So Wednesday I went to work and the next day I had to suppress all my anxiety about my possible new new job and relax in sunny Mexico for a week. I was off of work for 7 business days (paid) and would not return for a week and half.

The day before we returned home (Wednesday May 30) I received a call from HR at the new new company. I called her back Thursday – no answer. Called her back Friday – no answer. I was nervous!! Is it bad news? I now had to wait all weekend to find out!

Monday morning I called again and they offered me the job!!! It was more money, closer to my house (25 miles each way and only 25 minute drive – never any traffic – and my DREAM company).  I said yes and figured out when I was going to get all my drug test and paperwork done!

Now the dilemma was do I tell the bank that Monday OR wait since my boss just left for vacation and he left me with projects to finish. The new new company insisted I wait to put my 2 weeks for my test results and background check to come back. So I worked all week and on Friday morning I could not longer do it. I went to the HR manager and told him my situation, he asked if they could counter with an offer, but I knew unless you moved the bank headquarters to a new location I was leaving. I drive at least a hour less a day now! (that is about 6 hours a week/ 300hours a year I would get back!!!). I asked to talk to my boss’s boss and told her the situation. And finished out all my projects. She asked me to come back and talk to Scott Monday morning and make sure there was nothing to finish with him. That weekend was Karli and Matt’s wedding so I finally could relax and celebrate! Monday I went to work and talked to Scott. He was so understand and said he did not blame me and that anyone there would make the same decision.

No matter what I feel bad. I never meant to waste anyone’s time and money and I would have been good at that job too. But in the end this was the best for my family and me. I insisted that they did not pay me the vacation days I obviously did not earn. But they could not do that since it was a contract and I donated the money to my boss’s charity of choice.

I knew that once we started to have children the drive would really become an issue and it would be hard with little ones to be a hour drive away from them and therefore eventually I would leave again.

That day was bittersweet as well. My whole life was changing – AGAIN.

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