Friday, July 13, 2012

Da Birds

One of our all time favorites things to do is go to cardinals games and we have been fortunate to hit a few games this year with some fabulous people! 

First game we went with my best friend since kindergarten and her boyfriend Nic. 

Next we went with Wes' entire family for the first time ever and hopefully not our last (trying to get 2 parents, 4 sons, and their significant others together is a feat!). It was a day to remember, minutes after we left the stadium a storm hit and the tent outside the bar we were parked at collapsed and many people were hurt and one person died. 

Then on July 3, we got to take a few friends to the game thanks to my NEW job!  We piled in one car and took Lindsay and Nic, our dear friends Brian and Christina (who have a 9 month only so when we get to see them and go out with them it is treat!), and besties Emily and Vince (Emily just asked me to be in their wedding!!  We are going dress shopping on the 5th!!!!

Me and Wesley

My best friend since Kindergarten Lindsay(thats right 22 years of friendship this year!)

Wesley' entire family

Me, MIL Cindy, and someday SIL Jacklyn

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