Thursday, July 12, 2012

The Fels Wedding {Paul + Kristen} June 23, 2012

June 23rd our friends Paul (wes’s Fraternity brother) and Kristen (I went to high school with both of them – and Paul’s brother Vince is my best friend) got MARRIED.
Ceremony was at the Forest Park World’s Fair Pavilion and reception at Orlando Gardens. We offered a bunch of friends to ride/stay with us that night! So I was the “Mom” for the evening! 

Before the wedding I was sitting with my dear friend Emily, Vince’s Fiancé, and she asked me to be in their wedding next May!!! I am so excited!!!

The next morning I I made beer pancakes (yum) for breakfast. Then we had 2 stragglers – our friend James and Karli’s Husband Matt (Karli was out of town on business). We ended up pulling the bed out on our coach and all watching movies all afternoon and making lunch. It was a picture perfect afternoon. Then Wes and I went to the pool for a few hours.

Here are some photos from our evening:

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