Friday, July 6, 2012

First Stop - Business Analyst

My first – first day.

At the bank I had a new professional wardrobe to wear. It was mainly a business suit and since I am 5 foot tall it is hard to find good petite suits that do not make me look 40+ years old and they come as separates because my upper body and lower body are typically 2 different sizes. I also do not or prefer matching suit sets for women. I would much rather have a skirt or pair of pants and match them with a fun blazer.  I have about 20 pairs of black pants so that was the only thing I did not need to buy. But I was on a mission to find things I could wear in the middle of summer (so no suits were easy to find!). After 15 stores and  $1000 later I found 5 blazers and a handful of tanks and skirts and I had a pretty good little wardrobe started.

The next week I would find out that my 101 cardigans I already own were appropriate but no one really wears them (weird). Basically I did not need me $1000 of new clothes :/.  And It is one thing to spend money on clothes you like but business outfits are not my fav at the end of the day. I would much rather get fun accessories – some wedges – and some comfy dresses!

So day one I was dressed perfectly and had my new bag that Karli gave me and I was ready to rock the corporate bank world!

The drive was about 35 (10 miles more than before) each way. Each day I would leave at different times and take different routes to work to see what I like and how traffic differed. The problem was that I now worked in Clayton, which there is just plain and simple no easy way to get to. The all highway route is the a mix of all the worst highways in STL and the other routes are better but take just as long.  So on a perfect day it would take be 40 minutes to get there, most days an hour, and bad days an hour and twenty minutes! Needless to say I hated the drive.

What I did like was my boss, Scott. He was one of the nicest people I have ever met and was really patient with me and was a good teacher. I found out day 1 that the reason they gave me the vacation time was because Scott was going on vacation June 4 and he wanted to train me before he left. So it was a win for all of us.

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