Sunday, August 12, 2012

Jen's Nashville Bachelorette Party

The weekend of June 29th we headed to Nashville for my bestie Jen Warren’s Bachelorette party!!!

We (me, Morgan, and Michelle) drove from St. Louis and I got there late because I had to deal with my grandma’s affairs and arrived around 6.  We went to dinner at 8pm and then went to see our friend Jessie’s band play in Nashville. Then we bar hopped!

Grabbed lunch and immediately started on the bars! We went to the Honkey Tonk Central and met a Bachelor party from Kentucky and made friends and danced and drank all afternoon. Then we went back to the hotel to shower and get ready (bad idea – sort of – made us so tired). Headed back out on the town and went to all the “famous” bars – Tootsies, Legends, Stages – etc.

Had a little breakfast and headed back to our homes.

What a fabulous and exhausting weekend! Much needed girls weekend away!

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