Sunday, July 8, 2012

Karli's Wedding - My Speech

Here was my matron of honor speech:

My name is Emilie Ayers also known as Franke, and I am Karli’s sorority sister and I have the privilege of being her Matron of honor.

First, I would like to thank everyone that made this event possible, Karli’s Mother Kathy Morie and Matt’s Parents Steve and Linda Lundergan.

Karli and I met in High school where she despised me for being very involved and I admired her dancing. But it was not until Karli walked through the doors of the Delta Zeta house in Fall of 2005 that we truly became friends and family.  It is hard to get really close to a single person when you are in a sorority with 100 plus women, but there was always something about Karli that made her stand out. We became such close friends so quickly everyone assumed we were childhood friends.  We do have so many things in common,  the real list is much longer than this but this is an overview of what we have in common: we are the youngest of 2 children, we went to the same high school and we were both a Lancer Dancer, we were both president of Delta Zeta, held positions on Panhellenic, we started St. Jude’s Up til Dawn, we have both lost our fathers, and now we have both married Sig Ep men.

They say imitation in the best form of flattery and Karli seemed to follow my footsteps in  my leadership but she really took it to the next level.  She has such enthusiasm, pride and passion in the things she sets her mind to do, even if she waits until 4am to finish them.

At the end of Karli’s Freshmen year I kept hearing the name of this boy Matthew, and then one day she came bouncing into my room before chapter meeting going on and on about how he asked her to be his girlfriend.  I do not remember what you said but I am sure you rambled on about how cute he was and your version of your first kiss… but what I remember is that with the same passion and enthusiasm I had seen in you befrore were head over heels for Matthew.

For me, Karli is truly my sister, my confidant, and my best friend. Karli, I hope I have been there for you as much as you have been for me.  Matthew, today we pass the torch to you to to make her eats all of her vegetables, make her go to bed at a reasonable hour and be the one we all call when Karli when doesn’t answer her phone.

My advice is to remember those special moments your first kiss, first date, and your first dance tonight.

Now Karli and Matt if you raise your whiskey and coke, everyone please toast to the Mr. and Mrs. Lundergan – May you always have more good days than bad and your glass always be full.

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