Thursday, July 5, 2012

Saying goodbye

In April I received 2 calls for interviews! Both from good companies and both GREAT jobs. The first was with a regional conservative bank as a Business Analyst for the trust department. The second was my dream company, a huge world wide corporation that is headquartered in St Louis as a logistics coordinator. They literally called with in 24 hours of each other to set up interviews and the next week was crazy and I had 3 interviews that week. This is after I basically had been getting no responses from any of my applications and definitely no interviews.

Both interviews went really well but I knew the bank was being a lot more aggressive.  The next week they offered me a job and I gave my 2 weeks notice at work.  When they offered me the job I asked to start June 4, because that was the Monday after we got back from Mexico (May 24-31).  They called me back and offered to give me vacation time (which was 7 days paid vacation after I only worked 8 days). I was on cloud 9! But all while waiting to hear about the other interview. So I did my paperwork and drug test and waited. And 2 days before I was starting at the bank I called to ask the other company if they had made a decision. The next day I received a voicemail saying they hired internally and I did not get the job. I was deflated but I was also about to start my new job at a good company so I could not really be sad for long.

A few days before I left my job of 2.5 years they threw me a going away party. It was really nice and bittersweet. I was closing a chapter of my life for good and saying goodbye to some really nice people. They gave me an awesome personalized gift:

  • An alarm clock – since I will now be getting up bright an early to get to my now 8 to 5 job! (I am so excited to have a routine and not take my work home with me!!!)
  •  Plastic utensils – I always have plastic forks and spoons in my drawer so I can eat my lunch J and I bought a lot of different things like my own stapler and scissors so that if anyone ever borrowed them I got them back because they were usually brightly colored – they got me bright pink forks and spoons so if anyone stole them I knew who it was – lol – do I have problems or what?
  • An elementary writing tablet – I have horrible handwriting ever since I started getting tendinitis  - it was a joke that no one could ever read what I wrote and they thought I could use some practice
  • a good pen – I am a pen person! I am very particular and I have to have “my” pens
  •  and other odds and ends 

Reflecting upon how my life has changed and the chapter I closed.  For 4 years between working for my parents and the marketing company I worked in small towns and I had no room for advancement. I now work in metropolitan St Louis and there really is no limit to what I can accomplish.

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