Monday, August 20, 2012

A New Old Hobby

Since I left the wedding industry I have had a few people ask me if I am a wedding planner. I quickly answer Hell NO! A job I do not have enough patience for and I do have to admit how nice it is to have clients that have Mom's that call and yell at you. {Even if Brand Managers are babies too - each and everyday is better than Momzillas}. 

But I have realized how much random knowledge I have in the old wedding industry, as well as friends that are vendors, etc. So over the course of the last 3 months I have been helping about 5 women help themselves plan their weddings. I really only have to offer the random knowledge that the last 4 years of being a bride and being a vendor offers but I also know a thing or two about what a wedding costs and I find this is where people are most stuck....the budget and where to start when planning.  It just can feel so overwhelming which so many to-do's. Usually in about an hour or two they have a good idea where to start and what each item might cost them.

Next I created a file of vendors all across the area. Ones I knew, ones I didn't; ones I liked, ones I didn't - but all of those details are in there. The file has o...about 300 vendors and growing. But the nice thing for my friends is they can sort based on the category - venues ~ then by area or type - Wineries, golf courses, downtown, chesterfield, etc. Then each vendor is hyperlinked their website so you can check it out. Then of course I have the handy contact info - and any other details I may know - for example how many people can it max hold? How much are rental fees? Have my friends liked or disliked this vendor?  etc.

Why?? Because I would have paid for something like this when I was engaged. I went to wedding shows and called my friends sister's who had been married. But I still spent hours googling vendors and reviews and it was exhausting. Most people are not crazy enough to to that.

I just hope this file helps a few ladies on plan their big day!

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