Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Here and There.

Over the last month I have been crazy busy! For once my work life is not taking over my life instead my "after school activities" are, and it is all self induced. I feel like over the last 4 years I have missed my share of girls nights and time with friends that I have felt a huge need to "make up" for lost time. 

So I started with my top 10 ladies - emails and texts trying to setup "dates nights." Monday the college gang, Tuesday my friend Emily and I have been walking, Wednesday were for Samantha, Thursdays were a swing date for my friends that couldn't commit a recurring weekday - lol Jen and her new baby Charlee, Christina and her lovely almost 1 year old Haley, Lyndsay and baby Drew, Katie and her baby boys, Lindsay, Leanne, Laura, Karli, Megan... 

Enough friends to catch up with to fill a calendar for a year! Feels like a great challenge to me. I am sick of saying "O I wish we would get together!" I am more in the mood to see them too much! These are women I use to live with and see almost every single day of my life - once a month is just not enough for me!

I took a selfish break from taking care of my Grandma for 2 weeks. Why? Because she got mean - and I got tired. I will definitely make some time this week and beyond but after she started treating myself, my mom, and my sister like dirt I had to give myself a little space - it was really overwhelming me. 

We have been very busy and I have a lot of weekend posts to catch up on as well. Wineries, In-Laws in town, new babies more weddings etc. Lots of craziness going on.

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