Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Karli's Bachellortte Party: Kentucky Derby

In May we took Ms. Karli on her once-in-a-lifetime-weekend-away bachellorette party to the KENTUCKY DERBY!

The weekend was literally PERFECT! 

Friday, we went to dinner at a Martini Lounge and afterwards went back to the hotel room to open her gifts.

I lost my memory card of day 2 ....I really still cannot talk about this it makes me so sad.

Saturday, we left bright and early for the derby in our dresses and BIG HATS! We brought tents and chairs {which I was skeptical about} but it worked out well. We had infield tickets {cheap and cheerful} and I was quite surprised by the hoosierness found. I really though the derby was a grand event and if you pay tons of money for seats it probably is. There was lots of barely dressed men and women {swimsuits, themed outfits, etc}. It is a combination of a nascar race, meets the Missouri State fair, meets Mardi Gras. And I have to say I loved it and hope to go back again and again!!!

Seriously fabulous weekend for the one and only Ms. {now Mrs.} Karli.

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