Sunday, September 16, 2012


On Septetmeber 7, Wes and I celebrated 7 years together!
Each year I do a photobook to celebrate our last year and I have been so happy that I have kept this up. It is so much fun to flip through the books throughout the year and see all the good times and how far we have come.

This years book was so full I had to combine pages and cut stuff! {seriously there is 110 page limit and I think I would have needed 150 pages}.

We have been so blessed with so many exciting events this year: vacations, weddings, baby shower, baby births, wine trips, cards games, etc. It has been a non-stop full year!

Here are some pics of that last year!


  1. Happy 7 years to you & Wes! And thanks to your great photo idea, I started with Brandon 3 years ago & they are filing up our coffee table. Last year's book was 86 pages..I'm going to have to be selective this year!

  2. Kate you will probably need 2 books with all you have done this year!


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