Wednesday, October 31, 2012

15 weeks

How Far Along? 15 weeks
Size of baby? Navel Orange

Maternity Clothes? yes for comfort and style my non-maternity clothes aren't as cute! but its a few days a week not all.
Weight Gain? maybe a pound or two but I go up and then back down. I am happy where I am at.
Stretch Marks? nope
Gender? ?? 4 more weeks!!!

Sleep? getting better
Food Cravings? nothing really this week. I stopped being so hungry but because I am hypoglycemic I still need to eat every few hours to feel ok. But always small means. Anything bigger makes me sick. 
What I Miss? This week was not having a headache. Another BIG headache that turned migraine! I am getting over that!

Symptoms? headaches and leg pains
Belly Button?  in along with my belly - not really but my bump is still not very far out even though I feel huge!
Best Moment of the Week? Well first instinct I want to say when my headache went away. This was an uneventful week for the most part but we did get started on childcare options which felt HUGE! And a few other major TO DO list items were scratched off when my headache went away!

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

14 weeks

How Far Along? 14 weeks
Size of baby? Lemon

Maternity Clothes? only when I want to feel comfy or run out clothes!
Weight Gain? Surprising not yet! I have been eating well and trying to get my exercise in but I am really not needing to gain unneeded extra weight.
Stretch Marks? nope
Gender? ?? 5 more weeks!

Sleep?  a few more naps these days - seems to be helping.
Food Cravings? I stopped being so incredibly hungry this week and find that I cannot even fathum eatting all the fruits and veggies I brought. I will need to downsize my snacks next week. I ate a lot of ice this week at work. Random craving.
What I Miss? nothing right now :)

Symptoms? Really nothing. I was sort of worried to go to my appointment because I do not even feel or look pregnant. Last weekend I had a small bumb but it has sort of went away. I was bloated and with a combination of never getting to go #2. (I hate that preggo side effect.
Belly Button? same place it has always been
Best Moment of the Week? Going to the doctor and hearing a very vibrant heartbeat. Yep he or she is still there. And that is a relief. I told my doctor I would take one of those monitors to go. I could listen to that sound all day!

Monday, October 29, 2012

13 weeks

How Far Along? 13 weeks
Size of baby? Peach

Maternity Clothes? not yet except when I run out of clean clothes
Weight Gain? nothing yet but I think getting into the 2nd trimester that will end. Still trying to eat really well
Stretch Marks? nope! 
Gender? ?? 6 more weeks - but who is counting! lol I really forget I do not know. I call it a he so much.

Sleep? getting better but now with the colder temps outside and dreary weather I could stay in bed all day!
Food Cravings? this week I wanted random stuff like gummy worms - really?!?
What I Miss? nothing right now :)

Symptoms? Starting to get bump - it seems to come and go - lol. At the end of the day it is much more pronounced then at the begining.
Belly Button? in
Best Moment of the Week? This week is the big ending of the first trimester! Which is sort of a joke - for 2 weeks you are not pregnant - 2 weeks you don't even know. So I want to make my own trimesters - lol. This was just a busy week at work and then heading to Canton to spend time with family and friends! I really felt and and felt like I look sort of pregnant/ beer belly / I gave up - lol. But I do like seeing a visual confirmation that our wee one is growing! 

Sunday, October 28, 2012

Meyer Family Photos 10.28.12

Today I got to shoot my good friends so fall family photos. The weather was decent and baby was HAPPY! We went to Mastodon State Park in Imperial and it was nice and peaceful. 
So all was a win. Here are a few of my favorites. 

Saturday, October 27, 2012

12 weeks

How Far Along? 12 weeks
Size of baby? Plum

Maternity Clothes? I wore a pair to go shopping because they were the cutest jeans I had in my closet and I really need to do laundry. I was pleasantly surprised how comfy I was!
Weight Gain?  nope not yet.
Stretch Marks? nope
Gender? ?? 7 more weeks!!

Sleep? getting better
Food Cravings? random stuff but nothing in particular.
What I Miss? Another wedding this weekend and I really missed a nice shocktop with 100 oranges in it!

Symptoms? The dreaded headaches began this week and I had one from Friday to Sunday and and a Migraine on Monday/
Belly Button? In!
Best Moment of the Week? 
Wednesday after work Wes and I went to get a new Keg since all his friends were coming in town! And we got some dinner and went to my best friend Lindsay's house to surprise her! And Surprise I did. This one the friend (besides Emily) that I had mixed emotions telling. We had a pregnancy pack. And well that kind of is ruined this go around. She looked at her boyfriend and was like well it looks like we are having a baby. But they are the only 2 people I know that would be totally fine with getting pregnany now and married later. Nic is o so ready!

Friday night we had a bunch of Wes' friends stay with us: Mike Barnett (From KC), Josh Stegman and GF Amanda King (STL), Brandon Alexander and Kate Hamlin(from KC), Chance Coady (from Colorado), Mike Loadawegen (from Jeff City), Jason Evans (STL) and Jess and Mallory Langford (from KC). After everyone arrived we got to give them sonograms and share the BIG news! So this momma was a sober driver all weekend and made sure everyone got feed and home safe! The was the end of telling all the close friends and family!

Friday, October 26, 2012

11 weeks

How Far Along? 11 weeks
Size of baby?  lime

Maternity Clothes? nope but I bought a pair of jeans because they were cute and to be prepared for the day I feel discusting in my own clothes.
Weight Gain? not yet am I am up and down like always but still where I normally am.
Stretch Marks? no
Gender? ??  8 more weeks!

Sleep? getting a little better and going to bed much earlier. Wes laughs because I ask for him to pet me instead of the dogs now and then within minutes I am passed out and snoring.
Food Cravings? This week my random and I mean RANDOM craving was hot pockets for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Who know why and when it was over I was not coming close to a hot pocket.
What I Miss?  Went to annother wedding with friends and was so tired I went home at 10pm - so I missing not being tired.

Symptoms?  Tired!
Belly Button? IN!
Best Moment of the Week? 
Friday we went to the taste of St. Louis and met up with the Fels family. I knew it was time to spill the beans to Vince and Emily and since the whole family was there - why not! I was so nervous Emily was going to be mad or sad - since I am in her wedding 3 weeks later - that mean sober and huge Emilie at her bridal and bach parties! But they were so freaking excited. We sort of had a pregnancy pack with them and well since they get married in May I do not think it will work this time but maybe baby #2!

Wes and I both had friends get married on Saturday so he went to his and I went to mine. It was fun to tell a couple friends in person that I was pregnant and even have Aliece's Husband guess! What a thoughtful and attentive guy that actually noticed I had not had a drink all night!
Sunday I took baby pics for Aliesha and got some awesome snuggle time in with baby Ellie! It was fun telling Aliesha and her family as well! Since they have known me for 14 years and Ellie and Baby Ayers will be in same grade!

Then Monday night we had planned a girls night finally! Michelle, Laura, Molly, Kassy, and Erika did not know yet. Leanne and Aliesha had been told already. I gave Laura a card to open and it was the sonogram! EVERYONE was SHOCKED! I do not think anyone we tell won't be at this point!

Thursday, October 25, 2012

In front of the Camera

My cousin Tara has developed in to quite a photographer over the last few years and her and her partner just opened a studio in the Central West End. She had her first son in August and was making her comeback to the studio and I had kept nagging her take photos. I really hate photos of me but since I knew I was pregnant and my whole body - all good and bad of it was about to change I thought what better time than now to do some pictures. I did it the morning of my sonogram - so 10 weeks pregnant.

They were so awesome to work with. It really makes you feel so special and like you are a model!
Highly recommend them :

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

10 weeks

How Far Along? 10 weeks
Size of baby? Prune

Maternity Clothes? no I lost a few more pounds this week
Weight Gain?  I lost a few more pounds this week - I am always hungry from my metabolism speeding up and I snack all day on fruits and veggies!
Stretch Marks? nope
Gender? ?? 9 more weeks to find out?!

Sleep? nope - nada - can't wait until I do. I can't get comfortable. I have to pee.  Not fun.
Food Cravings? So I have been having a lot of food aversions that lead me to want one thing. this week was soup. Any kind didn't matter but I wanted soup.
What I Miss? this weekend was the big wine weekend reveal and I didn't miss the wine or hangover but a glass of shocktop would have been lovely.

Symptoms? Not really - thank god!
Belly Button? IN!
Best Moment of the Week? 
Our first appointment! On September 20 we had our first sonogram! It is weird getting down to nothing and putting on a paper robe right in front of your husband with bright bright lights on! When she started the sonogram I was so surprised how much we could see. His or her little feet and arms were moving so much and it was the best profile of a baby picture. The doctor even said this was the best picture she had got in a really long time and then the nurse came in to see how good it was too! During the sonogram Wes and I could not stop giggling! It really is awesome to see and I wish you got to see it at every appointment! I can't wait for our next one!

Then on Saturday we had our annual wine weekend and to tell his family! Everyone was SHOCKED!!! My mother in law was so NOT expecting it that the retirement card and the book with the sonogram in it went right over her head (even though it had the date on it!). It was very humerous. My sister in law cried and is very excited baby Braylin and baby Ayers will be 10 months apart! How much fun will next Christmas be!!

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

9 weeks

How Far Along? 9 weeks
Size of baby? Green Olive

Maternity Clothes? nope
Weight Gain? none
Stretch Marks? nope
Gender? ?? definitely don't know

Sleep? I wish...
Food Cravings? so far this week fruit of all kinds and veggies...and then chocolate. 
What I Miss? Sleep ...Sleep....Sleep

Symptoms?  Very tired all the time
Belly Button? In - not showing yet
Best Moment of the Week?  This week has been hard to keep the "secret." Honestly if it was not for the handful of people I can talk to about it I would go crazy. But talking to a few of my closest friends this week and having them ask "anything new with you" and all I say is "nope - same old same old" and I really want to be like "well I am pregnant so thats new."

Very excited that we have our appointment in 1 weeks and get to tell our family and close friends. We probably won't make it public until our 14 week appointment. 

Monday, October 22, 2012

8 weeks

How Far Along? 8 weeks
Size of baby?  Raspberry

Maternity Clothes?  nope :)
Weight Gain? not so far
Stretch Marks? heck no
Gender? ?? definitely dont' know

Sleep? I wish....
Food Cravings? no craving - just food aversions make it very difficult to find foods that sounds good that I want to eat.
What I Miss? Sleep...sleep and Sleep

Symptoms? Nauseous this week. But I have not thrown up yet.
Belly Button? Im not even showing yet :)
Best Moment of the Week? Starting to get to bed early and get lots of rest for this little one :)

So this is what has happened to my pregnancy pillow. Our 14 year old dog Apollo has taken and fallen in love. I will probably not be getting this back. $50 gone. And time for a new one. This one was a little short for me I need one that I can wrap my legs around. But I am glad he is happy!

Saturday, October 20, 2012

7 weeks

How Far Along?  7 weeks
Size of baby? Blueberry

Maternity Clothes? nope
Weight Gain? none so far. But my chest has added a cup size
Stretch Marks?  nope
Gender? ?? 

Sleep?  So far this is the worse! I am tossing and turning all night with cramps. I bought a pregnency pillow and hopefully that will help
Food Cravings? none more food aversions than anything.
What I Miss?  At Jen's wedding I missing having a glass of wine or a beer and my nerves got the best of me during my MOH speech since I was so sober. It was hard to hide the soberness but Ms. Monica helped me. 

Symptoms?  Swollen Chest, Cramps, Cramps and more Cramps!
Belly Button? Not showing yet so definitely in.
Best Moment of the Week? Working on baby names was pretty fun. Wes really got into it. He couldn't sleep that night because we couldn't remember the name we liked. Funny moment to remember.

Friday, October 19, 2012

6 weeks

How Far Along?  6 weeks
Size of baby? sweetpea

Maternity Clothes? absolutely not
Weight Gain? nope
Stretch Marks? nope.
Gender? ?? I am on team boy and I am probably going that route until we deliver or if we choose  to find out. 
The chinese baby predictors all agree with me!
Sleep?  Lots of cramping. I read is normal and there is not blood. I just think it is my body changing. So I am uncomfortable.
Food Cravings? none.
What I Miss? BEER - Drinking on Wine weekend and having to lie why I am - and lunch meat!

Symptoms? My boobs are tender and large. Nice for Wes - hurts when I run. 
Belly Button? IN
Best Moment of the Week? Telling Jake and Lyndsay!

Thursday, October 18, 2012


Tuesday, August 14 {one day before our 3 year anniversary} I just without thinking took a pregnancy test because I had cramps since Thursday and my period had not arrived yet.  I had not thought much about it and this was not the first time that I thought our natural family planning might have failed. But each time I kind of knew it was stress. This time I kind of wondered if the 2 new jobs in months and my cycle being way off may have lead us to a new path.

It was a digital test - no wondering of it was wrong .... it popped up and said PREGNANT... WTH!! 
I do not think you ever forget the first time you see pregnant on a test. 

I ran out into the living room literally naked with a bra on {I was getting dressed for work} and told Wes we have a BIG PROBLEM. We both sat on the couch in utter shock. For the next 7 days we continued to be in shock. We were so set on waiting for 2.5 more years. We had things to accomplish, money to save, etc etc. 

That Friday night we went to Canton to visit Wes' family. And it was hard enough having cramps and telling everyone I didn't feel good because I was on my period and then I said I was on a diet and that was why I was not drinking {which I had been watching how much I drank for that reason}. His mom told us that when we have kids she is retiring. I can tell how happy this news will make her. It really began to sink in that we were the only ones not excited about this.

On Tuesday, August 21 we started to be excited and celebrate the new journey we are on. Not the perfect timing or something we planned but I am sure in 20 years we will forget quickly what plan that was. To be honest what changed my mood was the fact that down our hallway I have all these photos of my husband as a baby and boy is he cute. I just cannot wait to meet a baby Wes. 

Wes said that night he was actually excited but nervous. 

Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday I googled my heart out baby stuff. It is really becoming REAL.

I called to get a Doctor Appointment. She gave me a window of time we could come in and I picked the latest date which now feels forever away - September 20, 2012 - we will meet our baby peanut. We will be 9-10 weeks. We have our family wine weekend on September 22 and we want to reveal it to them that day.{Still not sure until after that appointment when we will tell everyone else}. We plan on giving his mom a "Congrats on your retirement" card. Lets see if she catches on without more explanation!

On Thursday we had a long standing date with Jake and Lyndsay and baby Drew. They brought dinner and came all the way out to our house. Half way through the evening she casually asked me if I was going to have a beer. And I said "No I just found out I am pregnant." She feel off her seat. She always knew our 30 year plan. I told Wes that afternoon that I really wanted to tell someone and I knew she was a great pick. She just went through all of this {hello she has a 2 month old} as well as she had always been a GREAT secret keeper and listener. For 10 days all of my knowledge is coming from google which is starting to get a little old. Since she is the "chosen one" she will get to share a lot of firsts with us on this journey :)

I think Wes really enjoyed talking to "new dad" Jake as well, guy  and baby bonding! 

So that is the story of Baby Ayers #1. 

Monday, October 15, 2012


Our precious Cardinals won the NLDS Saturday night in another crazy nail bitter. The Cardinals in the post season gives me some serious anxiety!

Here are some pics I saw online after the BIG win!

Budweiser SHOWER- I may be partial since this pays my bills and all!

Pics from the last game we went to. It was the night they lost but so did the Dodgers and they made the wildcard game!

Sunday, October 14, 2012

Family Wine Weekend! {September 22. 2012}

On September 22, 2012 we had our 3rd annual family wine weekend. This year we went back to the Ste. Genevieve winies! Here is what our amazing schedule looked like starting at 10am!
Cave Winery
Charleville Winery and Brewery
Sand Creek Winery
Twin Oaks Winery
Weingarten Winery
Crown Vineyards
Crown Brewery!

And then back home for dinner and sleeping!

What a great weekend and some photos to share!

Saturday, October 13, 2012

Ms. Ellie Marie - 7 weeks old!

On September 30th I got to take photos of Ms. Ellie at 7 weeks old. The best part was all the cuddling I got to do!! Here are my favorites of her!

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