Friday, October 26, 2012

11 weeks

How Far Along? 11 weeks
Size of baby?  lime

Maternity Clothes? nope but I bought a pair of jeans because they were cute and to be prepared for the day I feel discusting in my own clothes.
Weight Gain? not yet am I am up and down like always but still where I normally am.
Stretch Marks? no
Gender? ??  8 more weeks!

Sleep? getting a little better and going to bed much earlier. Wes laughs because I ask for him to pet me instead of the dogs now and then within minutes I am passed out and snoring.
Food Cravings? This week my random and I mean RANDOM craving was hot pockets for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Who know why and when it was over I was not coming close to a hot pocket.
What I Miss?  Went to annother wedding with friends and was so tired I went home at 10pm - so I missing not being tired.

Symptoms?  Tired!
Belly Button? IN!
Best Moment of the Week? 
Friday we went to the taste of St. Louis and met up with the Fels family. I knew it was time to spill the beans to Vince and Emily and since the whole family was there - why not! I was so nervous Emily was going to be mad or sad - since I am in her wedding 3 weeks later - that mean sober and huge Emilie at her bridal and bach parties! But they were so freaking excited. We sort of had a pregnancy pack with them and well since they get married in May I do not think it will work this time but maybe baby #2!

Wes and I both had friends get married on Saturday so he went to his and I went to mine. It was fun to tell a couple friends in person that I was pregnant and even have Aliece's Husband guess! What a thoughtful and attentive guy that actually noticed I had not had a drink all night!
Sunday I took baby pics for Aliesha and got some awesome snuggle time in with baby Ellie! It was fun telling Aliesha and her family as well! Since they have known me for 14 years and Ellie and Baby Ayers will be in same grade!

Then Monday night we had planned a girls night finally! Michelle, Laura, Molly, Kassy, and Erika did not know yet. Leanne and Aliesha had been told already. I gave Laura a card to open and it was the sonogram! EVERYONE was SHOCKED! I do not think anyone we tell won't be at this point!

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