Saturday, October 27, 2012

12 weeks

How Far Along? 12 weeks
Size of baby? Plum

Maternity Clothes? I wore a pair to go shopping because they were the cutest jeans I had in my closet and I really need to do laundry. I was pleasantly surprised how comfy I was!
Weight Gain?  nope not yet.
Stretch Marks? nope
Gender? ?? 7 more weeks!!

Sleep? getting better
Food Cravings? random stuff but nothing in particular.
What I Miss? Another wedding this weekend and I really missed a nice shocktop with 100 oranges in it!

Symptoms? The dreaded headaches began this week and I had one from Friday to Sunday and and a Migraine on Monday/
Belly Button? In!
Best Moment of the Week? 
Wednesday after work Wes and I went to get a new Keg since all his friends were coming in town! And we got some dinner and went to my best friend Lindsay's house to surprise her! And Surprise I did. This one the friend (besides Emily) that I had mixed emotions telling. We had a pregnancy pack. And well that kind of is ruined this go around. She looked at her boyfriend and was like well it looks like we are having a baby. But they are the only 2 people I know that would be totally fine with getting pregnany now and married later. Nic is o so ready!

Friday night we had a bunch of Wes' friends stay with us: Mike Barnett (From KC), Josh Stegman and GF Amanda King (STL), Brandon Alexander and Kate Hamlin(from KC), Chance Coady (from Colorado), Mike Loadawegen (from Jeff City), Jason Evans (STL) and Jess and Mallory Langford (from KC). After everyone arrived we got to give them sonograms and share the BIG news! So this momma was a sober driver all weekend and made sure everyone got feed and home safe! The was the end of telling all the close friends and family!

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