Wednesday, October 31, 2012

15 weeks

How Far Along? 15 weeks
Size of baby? Navel Orange

Maternity Clothes? yes for comfort and style my non-maternity clothes aren't as cute! but its a few days a week not all.
Weight Gain? maybe a pound or two but I go up and then back down. I am happy where I am at.
Stretch Marks? nope
Gender? ?? 4 more weeks!!!

Sleep? getting better
Food Cravings? nothing really this week. I stopped being so hungry but because I am hypoglycemic I still need to eat every few hours to feel ok. But always small means. Anything bigger makes me sick. 
What I Miss? This week was not having a headache. Another BIG headache that turned migraine! I am getting over that!

Symptoms? headaches and leg pains
Belly Button?  in along with my belly - not really but my bump is still not very far out even though I feel huge!
Best Moment of the Week? Well first instinct I want to say when my headache went away. This was an uneventful week for the most part but we did get started on childcare options which felt HUGE! And a few other major TO DO list items were scratched off when my headache went away!

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