Friday, October 19, 2012

6 weeks

How Far Along?  6 weeks
Size of baby? sweetpea

Maternity Clothes? absolutely not
Weight Gain? nope
Stretch Marks? nope.
Gender? ?? I am on team boy and I am probably going that route until we deliver or if we choose  to find out. 
The chinese baby predictors all agree with me!
Sleep?  Lots of cramping. I read is normal and there is not blood. I just think it is my body changing. So I am uncomfortable.
Food Cravings? none.
What I Miss? BEER - Drinking on Wine weekend and having to lie why I am - and lunch meat!

Symptoms? My boobs are tender and large. Nice for Wes - hurts when I run. 
Belly Button? IN
Best Moment of the Week? Telling Jake and Lyndsay!

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