Saturday, October 20, 2012

7 weeks

How Far Along?  7 weeks
Size of baby? Blueberry

Maternity Clothes? nope
Weight Gain? none so far. But my chest has added a cup size
Stretch Marks?  nope
Gender? ?? 

Sleep?  So far this is the worse! I am tossing and turning all night with cramps. I bought a pregnency pillow and hopefully that will help
Food Cravings? none more food aversions than anything.
What I Miss?  At Jen's wedding I missing having a glass of wine or a beer and my nerves got the best of me during my MOH speech since I was so sober. It was hard to hide the soberness but Ms. Monica helped me. 

Symptoms?  Swollen Chest, Cramps, Cramps and more Cramps!
Belly Button? Not showing yet so definitely in.
Best Moment of the Week? Working on baby names was pretty fun. Wes really got into it. He couldn't sleep that night because we couldn't remember the name we liked. Funny moment to remember.

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