Monday, October 22, 2012

8 weeks

How Far Along? 8 weeks
Size of baby?  Raspberry

Maternity Clothes?  nope :)
Weight Gain? not so far
Stretch Marks? heck no
Gender? ?? definitely dont' know

Sleep? I wish....
Food Cravings? no craving - just food aversions make it very difficult to find foods that sounds good that I want to eat.
What I Miss? Sleep...sleep and Sleep

Symptoms? Nauseous this week. But I have not thrown up yet.
Belly Button? Im not even showing yet :)
Best Moment of the Week? Starting to get to bed early and get lots of rest for this little one :)

So this is what has happened to my pregnancy pillow. Our 14 year old dog Apollo has taken and fallen in love. I will probably not be getting this back. $50 gone. And time for a new one. This one was a little short for me I need one that I can wrap my legs around. But I am glad he is happy!

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