Thursday, October 18, 2012


Tuesday, August 14 {one day before our 3 year anniversary} I just without thinking took a pregnancy test because I had cramps since Thursday and my period had not arrived yet.  I had not thought much about it and this was not the first time that I thought our natural family planning might have failed. But each time I kind of knew it was stress. This time I kind of wondered if the 2 new jobs in months and my cycle being way off may have lead us to a new path.

It was a digital test - no wondering of it was wrong .... it popped up and said PREGNANT... WTH!! 
I do not think you ever forget the first time you see pregnant on a test. 

I ran out into the living room literally naked with a bra on {I was getting dressed for work} and told Wes we have a BIG PROBLEM. We both sat on the couch in utter shock. For the next 7 days we continued to be in shock. We were so set on waiting for 2.5 more years. We had things to accomplish, money to save, etc etc. 

That Friday night we went to Canton to visit Wes' family. And it was hard enough having cramps and telling everyone I didn't feel good because I was on my period and then I said I was on a diet and that was why I was not drinking {which I had been watching how much I drank for that reason}. His mom told us that when we have kids she is retiring. I can tell how happy this news will make her. It really began to sink in that we were the only ones not excited about this.

On Tuesday, August 21 we started to be excited and celebrate the new journey we are on. Not the perfect timing or something we planned but I am sure in 20 years we will forget quickly what plan that was. To be honest what changed my mood was the fact that down our hallway I have all these photos of my husband as a baby and boy is he cute. I just cannot wait to meet a baby Wes. 

Wes said that night he was actually excited but nervous. 

Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday I googled my heart out baby stuff. It is really becoming REAL.

I called to get a Doctor Appointment. She gave me a window of time we could come in and I picked the latest date which now feels forever away - September 20, 2012 - we will meet our baby peanut. We will be 9-10 weeks. We have our family wine weekend on September 22 and we want to reveal it to them that day.{Still not sure until after that appointment when we will tell everyone else}. We plan on giving his mom a "Congrats on your retirement" card. Lets see if she catches on without more explanation!

On Thursday we had a long standing date with Jake and Lyndsay and baby Drew. They brought dinner and came all the way out to our house. Half way through the evening she casually asked me if I was going to have a beer. And I said "No I just found out I am pregnant." She feel off her seat. She always knew our 30 year plan. I told Wes that afternoon that I really wanted to tell someone and I knew she was a great pick. She just went through all of this {hello she has a 2 month old} as well as she had always been a GREAT secret keeper and listener. For 10 days all of my knowledge is coming from google which is starting to get a little old. Since she is the "chosen one" she will get to share a lot of firsts with us on this journey :)

I think Wes really enjoyed talking to "new dad" Jake as well, guy  and baby bonding! 

So that is the story of Baby Ayers #1. 

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