Thursday, November 29, 2012

Photo Shoot {The Dolan's} 11.11.12

This year's amazing weather seems to never end! Which has been amazing for me! I have got so many good weekend to "play!" and I love it. On November 11, I got to work with the Dolan Family. The Dolan's are my dear friend Laura's Family and they could not have been cuter! It was a relaxed early afternoon shoot and we let their son mostly play, which was about all he wanted to let us do.

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

19 weeks

How Far Along? 19 weeks 
Size of baby? Mango
Maternity Clothes?  comfy ones of course!
Weight Gain? 4-5 lbs
Stretch Marks? nopsy
Gender?  DRUMROLL PLEASE!!!! It's a BOY!!!  Another post about our amazing gender party to come!
Sleep? Getting better - way better. Except for when I stay up late getting so much done! And lack a lot of sleep!
Food Cravings? fruit fruit and more fruit
What I Miss? Nothing as of now - pretty happy momma!
Symptoms?  PREGNANCY BRAIN! OMG seriously I keep losing and finding things!
Belly Button? IN!
Best Moment of the Week? 
Where do I even begin! We had our second ultrasound this week and it was the big one! I was so nervous going in about having a healthy baby I really didn't care so much about the whole gender thing. It was so much fun to see his little body, I could watch that all day. On the health side - all checked out A OK! On the cuteness meter this kid already has Wes and I wrapped around his teeny tiny fingers. And then there was the comment from the Ultra sound tech that we will never forget "O you have a wild child!" Wes and I couldn't help but laugh and I commented that I have never been short of too much energy. She then went on to comment on how long she has been doing this job and how much he moved around. Loved hearing we have a healthy and energetic baby BOY on the way!

That was until the next day - Gender Reveal Party day and then I was a flip flopping - team jumping crazy lady. LOL I convinced myself I was having a girl a few hours before the party after months of only thinking we were having a baby boy.  It was a fun surprise to find out baby AVERY would be a little man.

Avery Ayers 11-20-12

You won't get many photos - so enjoy this one!

Thursday, November 15, 2012

18 weeks

How Far Along? 18 weeks
Size of baby? Sweet Potato
Maternity Clothes? shirts no - pants are amazing - like wearing sweats everywhere you go!
Weight Gain? 4-5 lbs
Stretch Marks? nope
Gender? ?? 1 more weeks (well now that I am posting this late 2 days)
Sleep? I have been clenching and grinding my teeth again, which leads to more headaches!
Food Cravings? nothing specific - frozen yogurt is always a craving and the orange cuties I could eat all day long
What I Miss? nothing right now - pretty content
Symptoms? MIGRAINES - HEADACHES - LEG CRAMPS. Are all in full force
Belly Button? IN
Best Moment of the Week? 
I have been feeling more and more movement - especially after I eat. Sort of tickles and I love the reminder that he/she is there. The puppies have completely lost their want/need to sleep through the night and Cy is loves kissing me to get me up in the morning and never bothers Wes. Its like he knows that the baby is coming and is doing sleep prep exercises. Over the weekend when I didn't have a headache I put up christmas decor and cleaned my office. But in between being productive I PASSED out for some deep sleep naps mid day - Sleep when baby sleeps??? I think there is some prepping going on for sure! 

Tomorrow is the BIG appointment and excited to see the wee one again! And Wednesday is the BIG reveal!

Sunday, November 11, 2012

Photo Shoot {Surkamp Family} 11.11.12

I finally got my friend Katie and her family {Dave (husband), Landen (2 year old), and Christian (1 year) to take some much needed family photos. We headed to Bee Tree Park and let the boys play and try and capture a few moments in front of the camera as well.

Friday, November 9, 2012

17 weeks

How Far Along? 17 weeks
Size of baby? Onion

Maternity Clothes? Pants because I now A) love my new pants and B) so much cuter than the worn out clothes I own. I see a lot of purging in that department soon! Another week of wearing what is in my closet and I am obcessed with the project. I have fallen in love with so many old clothes and feel like I just went on a huge shopping bing. I have been buying longer tanks, skinny, belts, etc to accessorize my old and new wardrobe and make what I have little cuter. Next stop - I need some cute new flats! I have been looking by cannot find what I want.
Weight Gain? 3 pounds as of this morning. I am ok with that but with the amount that I want to gain I hope to watch it over the next few weeks with the holidays and not accidently pack on the pounds that I do not need to gain.
Stretch Marks?   Nope. My mother didn't have any but she swore by cocoa butter and slathered it on religiously. My sister did have them but gained a lot of weight. I have been trying to moisturize twice a day to keep those nasty stretch marks away.
Gender? ?? 2 more weeks ( as I write this - 12 days and 9 hours.)

Sleep? Hit or miss. I really get comfy when I need to get up in the morning which is super annoying. On the weekends my 4 fluffy alarm clocks do not let me sleep past 8 am. And once I am up - I am up!
Food Cravings? Nothing really this week. Asked 
Aversions? I asked Wes to make fish last night - looked at it and ate the left over homemade hamburger and pickle pizza cold.
What I Miss? This week not much. Busy at work and getting somewhere on some home projects - so all is well!

Symptoms?  Humm... These nasty headaches are now a daily things that barely ever go away. So far a few good workouts helped and if I wasn't so busy at work then I would get to do it more. And well after work, it is cold, I have a headache and it past 6pm. My bed calls my name - not a gym. And then the leg cramps and stiffness is frustrating.
Belly Button? Far Far in.
Best Moment of the Week? This week a few things. First Wes gets cuter and sexier everyday. He loves to read the weekly emails and ask me questions and tell me what to expect. I find it so thoughtful and makes me realize how commited he is. He also has been babying me quite nicely. Brings be my cereal every morning (if he didn't I do not know if I would actually get to eat breakfast), brings me dinner, fro yo, rubs my head, scratches my back - whatever I want or need I seem to get. So far no crazy or bitchy requests.
Second - I am feeling some movement. I am glad I never believed any false alarms before. I know you really want the intestinal movement or gas pains to be baby movement, but I figured people kind of phych them selves up early wanting to feel something during their first preganany. The first few times this week I blew it off and thought maybe it is and maybe it isn't. But it happens more often, most of the time when I am still at my desk and I can finally tell a difference. I wish I could describe it better but feels like a little bubble pop. I feel like it is him or her way of saying hi. Nice little reminders of what is going on in there.

I swear to take a bump pic next week. I am still just looking thick in the middle lol.

Monday, November 5, 2012

Photo Shoot {Cato Family} 11.4.12

I got to shoot the Cato family again. Sophie is now 3 and Lucy just turned 1. They were active and full of emotions. There were lots of tears and I happy we got some shots that work before the final melt down :).

Sunday, November 4, 2012

Photo Shoot {Adams Family} 11.4.12

Today I got to shoot a lovely family, the Adams Family. We went to Mastodon State Park and played for about an hour and this is what we got.  Alex is 4 and Jackson is 10 and they were great subjects and enjoyed playing in the woods.

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