Thursday, November 1, 2012

16 weeks

How Far Along? 16 weeks
Size of baby? avocado

Maternity Clothes? Still just when I run out of clothes or find them cuter than what is clean (pants only). I made a pact with myself when I found out I was pregnant that I have to wear everything on my closet once or I need to get rid of it!
So far it is going well and I have found a ton of cute stuff in my closet that I just wasn't wearing. I am going to have my friends stop by and "shop" the extra stuff for what they want before the rest gets donated. Lots of good stuff but by the time I fit in it again will it really be something I wear. 
I did this after my dad died when I had gained all that weight and I never really knew when I would lose it. I had some amazing and expensive BCBG tops that I gave Monica for her "big girl" job. Sometimes I miss them but really at the end of the day would I even fit in them now. Better off being worn and appreciated then collecting dust and going out of style in my closet. At the end of this I hope to add some staple pieces and accessories to liven up the clothes I am keeping.
Weight Gain? 2 pounds to date. I am ok with that.
Stretch Marks?  nope
Gender? ?? 3 more weeks!

Sleep? when I do not have headaches, better. When I have creepy nightmares, worse.
Food Cravings? This week I wanted salads everyday.
What I Miss? This week is my high school beer and wine tasting. I usually have a really good time. I will miss my fav wines and beers.

Symptoms? Still just the headaches and leg pains really. Been wanting to workout more and more and my bump popped out and went back in {bloating I guess).
Belly Button? IN!
Best Moment of the Week?
This has been a quiet week. Not much activity. We have been talking more and more about the baby room and other plans for then the wee one gets here. Always fun to plan. We decided on a boy room theme. If I really thought it was a girl maybe I would plan more for that, but in reality I know if it is a girl I will lose self control and go overboard so maybe that is why I am holding off the planning :).

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