Friday, November 9, 2012

17 weeks

How Far Along? 17 weeks
Size of baby? Onion

Maternity Clothes? Pants because I now A) love my new pants and B) so much cuter than the worn out clothes I own. I see a lot of purging in that department soon! Another week of wearing what is in my closet and I am obcessed with the project. I have fallen in love with so many old clothes and feel like I just went on a huge shopping bing. I have been buying longer tanks, skinny, belts, etc to accessorize my old and new wardrobe and make what I have little cuter. Next stop - I need some cute new flats! I have been looking by cannot find what I want.
Weight Gain? 3 pounds as of this morning. I am ok with that but with the amount that I want to gain I hope to watch it over the next few weeks with the holidays and not accidently pack on the pounds that I do not need to gain.
Stretch Marks?   Nope. My mother didn't have any but she swore by cocoa butter and slathered it on religiously. My sister did have them but gained a lot of weight. I have been trying to moisturize twice a day to keep those nasty stretch marks away.
Gender? ?? 2 more weeks ( as I write this - 12 days and 9 hours.)

Sleep? Hit or miss. I really get comfy when I need to get up in the morning which is super annoying. On the weekends my 4 fluffy alarm clocks do not let me sleep past 8 am. And once I am up - I am up!
Food Cravings? Nothing really this week. Asked 
Aversions? I asked Wes to make fish last night - looked at it and ate the left over homemade hamburger and pickle pizza cold.
What I Miss? This week not much. Busy at work and getting somewhere on some home projects - so all is well!

Symptoms?  Humm... These nasty headaches are now a daily things that barely ever go away. So far a few good workouts helped and if I wasn't so busy at work then I would get to do it more. And well after work, it is cold, I have a headache and it past 6pm. My bed calls my name - not a gym. And then the leg cramps and stiffness is frustrating.
Belly Button? Far Far in.
Best Moment of the Week? This week a few things. First Wes gets cuter and sexier everyday. He loves to read the weekly emails and ask me questions and tell me what to expect. I find it so thoughtful and makes me realize how commited he is. He also has been babying me quite nicely. Brings be my cereal every morning (if he didn't I do not know if I would actually get to eat breakfast), brings me dinner, fro yo, rubs my head, scratches my back - whatever I want or need I seem to get. So far no crazy or bitchy requests.
Second - I am feeling some movement. I am glad I never believed any false alarms before. I know you really want the intestinal movement or gas pains to be baby movement, but I figured people kind of phych them selves up early wanting to feel something during their first preganany. The first few times this week I blew it off and thought maybe it is and maybe it isn't. But it happens more often, most of the time when I am still at my desk and I can finally tell a difference. I wish I could describe it better but feels like a little bubble pop. I feel like it is him or her way of saying hi. Nice little reminders of what is going on in there.

I swear to take a bump pic next week. I am still just looking thick in the middle lol.


  1. Yum now I want hamburger and pickle pizza. An I'm not even pregnant.

  2. one of my favorite meals ever thanks to you!


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