Sunday, December 30, 2012

2012 {In Review}

Last year we posted some of our goals for this year: 

Below is the post from last year and what we accomplished.
Some that I didn't originally post was more about getting a new job which half of my posts in 2012 were about. I am so happy to say that is checked off my list this year, a huge relief!
This next year will be filled with Mr. Avery moments and less on our to do lists. 

  • Run Something! As of now I am signed up with a friend February 26 to go to Disney for the Disney Princess half marathon! I am in no shape what so ever to run a half marathon but if I can run 6.6 and walk 6.5 I would be elated as well as run 3 walk 1 run 3 walk 1 run 3!!! I would be even happier! DONE!! And when I was done I ran more this year outside than ever before, and loved it!
  • Loss Weight! I have lost almost 20 pounds this year - a lot of it without trying because my stress levels went down the weight came off as quickly as it came on. But I think I want to lose 30 more to be at a happy weight. I was at that weight a few years ago and its healthy happy weight! This is no New Years or Vacation wish! This is get in shape and get healthy for the rest of your life goal! I do have the half marathon, lots of weddings and the vacation to keep me highly motivated at least! Well...was going well and I was able to workout more this year than ever before but then we got pregnant. So this will be a goal for next year :)
  • Finish My Projects! I have 3 scrapbooks left DZ(had to be added because I could not fit it all in my college one!), High School and Grade School/Childhood books.  Then scan the rest of the family photos, my photos, and my high school scrapbooks. Almost there...should be done in January!
  • DAD! Finish his shadow boxes, make our quilts, and get his headstone done. Shadow Boxes-DONE! Headstone-DONE! Scrapbooks-DONE! Teddy Bears-DONE! Quilt-work in progress!
  • Photography! Continue to learn and love this hobby! I am at a point where I own most of the professional equipment that I am ready to start making "some" money off of it this year. I plan (as of now) to meet with my friend Tracy a few times a month and learn tons of goodies and work with her when I can! Boy did I accomplish this! I was able to take more photos this year than ever before! Becoming so much more in love with it and cannot wait to document Avery's life soon!
  • Trips! Enjoy them!! We are starting our anniversary roulette this year {we are going to take a last minute deal and go pretty much the next place they have for a long weekend! Spontaneous and fun! We may end up in Idaho or a small town somewhere but that is all in the adventure! This one did not exactly to many weddings + plus new jobs + baby on the way. But we sort of did we went to Mexico and are about to go to Vegas so I count this one as a success in my book!

Saturday, December 29, 2012

Winter Lazy Days

For a select few winter days in December we did this and pretty much only this. It was short lived and well deserved! So much to do these days!

Thursday, December 27, 2012

Christmas {The Ayers') 12.25.12

Christmas Day at the Ayers was quiet this year. Drew and Jacklyn were in Chicago with her family and that made for a lot less smack talking! lol 
Here are some of my favorite pictures!

Jordan's Dog - Natty

Baby Braylin

Proud grandma

Jessica and her baby girl


Grandma's Dog - Gizmo

My baby Cy - sticking his tongue out!

Grandma's Dog Scooby

My oldest - Apollo

Enjoying her present

Wes testing out his baby bjourn! Success!

Gibson loving on baby Braylin




24 weeks

How Far Along? 24 weeks
Size of baby? Canteloupe
Gender?  My new man!
Sleep? This week I could not get enough sleep! I was exhausted over the holidays and napped a lot, which I have not needed until now. 
Food Cravings? still nothing particular, mainly citrus foods - clementines, grapefruit, oranges, etc. 
What I Miss? my back not aching :)
Symptoms? just baby kicks  - very active fetus we have.
Belly Button? in.
Best Moment of the Week? 

There were a few good ones this week.

We came home from our friends Christmas on the 22nd and Wes was rubbing me. He said "I think I felt the baby kick."  I asked Wes "What do you think you are rubbing." He was rubbing my chest, not my belly. He just replied "Maybe I had one too many beers." My chest has grown to crazy proportions but it definitely is not kicking :)

On the 24th morning I saw my belly move big for the time. Wes was in the shower and missed it. 

Wes got a baby Bijourn carrier he wanted for Christmas! We tried it out on Braylin and it was a success!! 

Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Christmas {Grandpa Ayers} 12.24.12

Christmas #2 is at Wes' Grandpa Ayers house on Christmas Eve. Wes aunts and uncles all come in town from across the county: Donna: Kansas City, Paul and Blanca: Conway Arkansas, Debbie: Nutley, NJ (Right by Manhattan, NY) , Diana and Grandma Ayers: Bath, NY. Since this is our once a year visit is a long day of grazing and chatting. 

The annual picture I take

They made me get in it this year.

Monday, December 24, 2012

Christmas {The Humpreys} 12.23.12

3 hours back and forth to Lake Viking, Missouri to visit Wes' Grandparent's Jack and Janice. Janice was diagnosed with Breast Cancer for the second time (she survived the same yucky disease 40 years ago!) and this christmas was super special!  She makes everything from scratch: pies, ice cream, noodles, bread, candy, and on and on.  She is also quilting Avery a blanket that is so cute!!!

Here are some pics of the day. 

Sunday, December 23, 2012

New Job, Six Months {12.18.12}

This past week was my 6 months at my new job. Hard to believe how much my life has changed in those 6 months. We cannot even imagine what it would be like anymore not working there.  I dreamed of working for this company and doing this job, and so far there has been no disappointment! There is a lot of promotion opportunities and more importantly opportunities to grow! This is why I am never bored and I am constantly engaged!

So how has my life changed? Well most days are a routine! I work most days 8am to 5:30ish. During the normal times I can workout at lunch 3-4 days a week. This is one of my favorite things ever! It was so nice to get up and off my butt, but it also gave me much energy to continue my day. After I found out I was pregnant these afternoon workouts were my saving grace and helped relieve my headaches as well.  This also opened up my schedule to meet friends afterwork to workout again or go to happy hour! Many friends told me I was my old self again, and best thing ever I FELT like my old self again.  I look forward to next year getting off work, picking up Avery and heading to the park to walk with my friends! I can't wait!!!

I love working for an iconic company that we buy the products and I work on some fun projects. It is so much fun to get an email or a phone call and be told this is "top secret" or "confidential." It is also fun to see the products you create and buy in the stores and seeing consumers use them.  I still get the chills when I pull into work and I feel just as lucky today as I did 6 months ago.

Saturday, December 22, 2012

23 Weeks

How Far Along? 23 weeks
Size of baby? Grapefruit 
Gender? O so excited for the little man these days! Dream of what his sweet face will look like!
Sleep? Well this week it was short lived! Monday I worked 16 hours and got home at Midnight, same Tuesday, Wednesday 17 hours and 1 am, and Thursday 10 hours! Good news is, it was well worth it! Friday I ran around and did errands, got my nails done, finished packing and we were in Wes' hometown by 5:30! 
Food Cravings? This week I didn't have time to think about anything more than making sure I ate to feed Mr. Avery.
What I Miss? This week I missed relaxing, spending time with Wes, walking around, etc. Sitting for 16 hours a day was tough and my legs swelled because of it!
Symptoms? Swelling! Due to sitting WAY WAY TOO MUCH!
Belly Button? getting tighter but IN.
Best Moment of the Week? I am currently in the most amazing comfy bed ever relaxing and snuggling 6 doggies. We have 4 christmases over the next 4 days, then a baby appt on the 26th, my birthday on the 27th, trip to Las Vegas 28-31, New Years Eve party on the 31, RELAX on the 1st, back to work on the 2nd, Wicked at the Fox Theatre on the 4th, second shooting a wedding on the 5th, and then on to preppy the rooms for hardwood the rest of January! This baby will be here before I know t!

Friday, December 21, 2012

22 weeks

How Far Along? 22 weeks
Size of baby? Papaya
Gender? Little MAN
Sleep?  These days much better, thankfully! And I have been very productive and not as tired during the day
Food Cravings? not really anything specific but I have to have baby meals really often to stay comfortable and content
What I Miss? sounds cliché but nothing!
Symptoms? Kick kick kick kick kick....this kid is crazy busy in there and it is nice to feel his activity and presence.
Belly Button? getting tighter but very far in still
Best Moment of the Week?  I am writing this a week late and this week have been so crazy I cannot remember what we did last week! lol  But ordered Mr. Avery's baby furniture after a horrific experience. Third time was the charm. For three weekends straight we did the baby furniture thing, after a small debacle, we ordered from a great store called Goodnite Rooms and this is the set we ordered. All hardwood and was on sale and were able to get him more furniture than will fit in his room but we bought this set to grow with him and be his for the next 18 years and he can take it with him when he goes to college.

The crib - and this is discontinued bedding I am trying to find or remake, ideally I would like the red to be cream and you cannot tell in this photo but it houndstooth pattern and then a stripe. Very manly and matches our vintage/collegiate/sports/1940s feel we are going for.

becomes a toddler bed. We didn't buy the rail because I really think it over kill and a waste of $100.

Adult bed. The side rails are universal so we didn't buy those yet either, and we can always just use the headboard on a regular frame and no footboard, which right now I prefer.

Double Dresser and hutch. My favorite piece. Room for clothes and books and lots of other goodies.

Chest. This piece won't fit in his room in this house but I think in 10 years we will be glad he will have enough furniture to fit all his stuff!

Nightstand. Down the road you really can't not have this. :)

So next we need to finish the bedding mess and once we know the colors I can decide between brown or black leather for the glider and get that moving as well.

We also are getting bids for the hardwood floors to completed in January in the 3 bedrooms and stairs that have carpet. The rest of our house is hard surfaces and with 4 dogs and baby I cannot image carpet anymore. I do not love the color of our hardwood, since I did build our house I did not get to pick it, but its going to be fine. 

Guess I remembered more than I thought!

Thursday, December 20, 2012

Photoshoot {The Tevis Family} 12.2.12

Recently I got the privilege of shooting some pics for the Tevis Family while they were in town from Pennsylvania visit their daughter, my friend, Jessie.

We headed to Vianny High School and to the sculpture park next door. Very interesting and fun location! I love new places! The weather was crazy warm for December and continues to be! I have never been able to shoot so many photos outside in November and December in my life! We have been so blessed!

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