Friday, December 21, 2012

22 weeks

How Far Along? 22 weeks
Size of baby? Papaya
Gender? Little MAN
Sleep?  These days much better, thankfully! And I have been very productive and not as tired during the day
Food Cravings? not really anything specific but I have to have baby meals really often to stay comfortable and content
What I Miss? sounds cliché but nothing!
Symptoms? Kick kick kick kick kick....this kid is crazy busy in there and it is nice to feel his activity and presence.
Belly Button? getting tighter but very far in still
Best Moment of the Week?  I am writing this a week late and this week have been so crazy I cannot remember what we did last week! lol  But ordered Mr. Avery's baby furniture after a horrific experience. Third time was the charm. For three weekends straight we did the baby furniture thing, after a small debacle, we ordered from a great store called Goodnite Rooms and this is the set we ordered. All hardwood and was on sale and were able to get him more furniture than will fit in his room but we bought this set to grow with him and be his for the next 18 years and he can take it with him when he goes to college.

The crib - and this is discontinued bedding I am trying to find or remake, ideally I would like the red to be cream and you cannot tell in this photo but it houndstooth pattern and then a stripe. Very manly and matches our vintage/collegiate/sports/1940s feel we are going for.

becomes a toddler bed. We didn't buy the rail because I really think it over kill and a waste of $100.

Adult bed. The side rails are universal so we didn't buy those yet either, and we can always just use the headboard on a regular frame and no footboard, which right now I prefer.

Double Dresser and hutch. My favorite piece. Room for clothes and books and lots of other goodies.

Chest. This piece won't fit in his room in this house but I think in 10 years we will be glad he will have enough furniture to fit all his stuff!

Nightstand. Down the road you really can't not have this. :)

So next we need to finish the bedding mess and once we know the colors I can decide between brown or black leather for the glider and get that moving as well.

We also are getting bids for the hardwood floors to completed in January in the 3 bedrooms and stairs that have carpet. The rest of our house is hard surfaces and with 4 dogs and baby I cannot image carpet anymore. I do not love the color of our hardwood, since I did build our house I did not get to pick it, but its going to be fine. 

Guess I remembered more than I thought!

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