Saturday, December 22, 2012

23 Weeks

How Far Along? 23 weeks
Size of baby? Grapefruit 
Gender? O so excited for the little man these days! Dream of what his sweet face will look like!
Sleep? Well this week it was short lived! Monday I worked 16 hours and got home at Midnight, same Tuesday, Wednesday 17 hours and 1 am, and Thursday 10 hours! Good news is, it was well worth it! Friday I ran around and did errands, got my nails done, finished packing and we were in Wes' hometown by 5:30! 
Food Cravings? This week I didn't have time to think about anything more than making sure I ate to feed Mr. Avery.
What I Miss? This week I missed relaxing, spending time with Wes, walking around, etc. Sitting for 16 hours a day was tough and my legs swelled because of it!
Symptoms? Swelling! Due to sitting WAY WAY TOO MUCH!
Belly Button? getting tighter but IN.
Best Moment of the Week? I am currently in the most amazing comfy bed ever relaxing and snuggling 6 doggies. We have 4 christmases over the next 4 days, then a baby appt on the 26th, my birthday on the 27th, trip to Las Vegas 28-31, New Years Eve party on the 31, RELAX on the 1st, back to work on the 2nd, Wicked at the Fox Theatre on the 4th, second shooting a wedding on the 5th, and then on to preppy the rooms for hardwood the rest of January! This baby will be here before I know t!

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  1. Slow down!! You should NOT be working so much and, if you are, take breaks to walk. You don't want blood clots sister! That's an order!


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