Thursday, December 27, 2012

24 weeks

How Far Along? 24 weeks
Size of baby? Canteloupe
Gender?  My new man!
Sleep? This week I could not get enough sleep! I was exhausted over the holidays and napped a lot, which I have not needed until now. 
Food Cravings? still nothing particular, mainly citrus foods - clementines, grapefruit, oranges, etc. 
What I Miss? my back not aching :)
Symptoms? just baby kicks  - very active fetus we have.
Belly Button? in.
Best Moment of the Week? 

There were a few good ones this week.

We came home from our friends Christmas on the 22nd and Wes was rubbing me. He said "I think I felt the baby kick."  I asked Wes "What do you think you are rubbing." He was rubbing my chest, not my belly. He just replied "Maybe I had one too many beers." My chest has grown to crazy proportions but it definitely is not kicking :)

On the 24th morning I saw my belly move big for the time. Wes was in the shower and missed it. 

Wes got a baby Bijourn carrier he wanted for Christmas! We tried it out on Braylin and it was a success!! 

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  1. when are we going to see some cute bump pics?!?


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