Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Registering for Baby Avery

Registering for baby was so much more STRESSFUL than I actually ever imagined. I thought it would be fun to look at all the cutesy baby stuff - but instead it completely overwhelmed us. The first time we went we did too much in one day and I was completely exhausted by the end. The second time I went was this last Friday, and I went to lunch with my bestie Monica {who just moved back from CHICAGO!} and we got lunch and mani/pedis first! This was the way to do it! She had some excellent advise on things her nieces and nephews can't live without! So by the 3rd time we went {Sunday} we had a more manageable list of things to finish and decisions to make.

Mid-registry the Nap Nanny had a forced stop sale from CPSC because 5 babies died from misuse. I have many friends that have loved this product and we luckily found one at a boutique called Goodnite Rooms.  {Retail $130}

A handful of friends and family recommended that since we plan to have kids back to back to back that we get a stroller that can grow with us. I narrowed it down to the Britax B-Ready and the Baby Jogger City Select. I really thought I liked the Britax more from day one but when used as an inline double the City Select is way more functional. 

Baby Furniture:
This was a really hard one for us!  
Do we go with a crib and a a few pieces of furniture or do you go with the entire slew of grow-with-me pieces that are not only well made but have a larger price tag. With this being our first little one we opted for the set that is high in quality and one day we will make them take to college with them. Here is a few pictures of the one were going with. It is by Young America. We were going to get the crib, the 7 drawer dresser with the hutch and one night stand. 

Then my new boss went into extreme detail about why the place we were ordering from not to use. He had a horrible experience as well as showed my a ton of better business bureau ratings and poor reviews online. I do not need to be the next example of one of these stories. So this Saturday we are starting over again. Wish me luck! After that we will conquer the bedding....a whole other issue.

Here are some cute and funny things we found:

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