Sunday, January 13, 2013

2 years {1.13.13}

Somehow 2 years have passed since my dad passed away. 712 days. And the heart does seem to mend more than I expected by now. 

My one year post here :

Yesterday it was 60 degrees out and I went on a walk Christina and Haley and then stopped by his grave. No tears. I don't really know why except to say my head wasn't is "that" place and I was probably pushing away feelings. 

So where are those feelings? Well they come and go, here and there. These days I have been very happy and in a "good place." I don't find myself wanting to cry about it. I know for a fact that I finally have the life he dreamed for me. A great job...a baby BOY on the way...a happy marriage....and balance in my life. I am truly happy and everything seems to be in place. I do not get as worked up about things, stress is down, and I limit my exposure to the people and things that do add stress (selfish but necessary). I hope this for the most part in my life never goes away - balance is a hard thing to find but it is truly blissful. My dad always said work hard, play harder. I don't know if I am living up to the play harder these days but I am definitely playing more than I use to :)

Sunday Wes and I did our normal - went to lunch and got groceries and ran errands. Then I went to my grandma's to see her and my mom for a bit and say hi. 

Since last year I have got his headstone put in place. So it makes it a little more formal. We had the monuments match the ones already there. 

I am named after my great grandmother Alice and great great grandmother Emma. - Emilie Alice...

Daddy's Girl

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